1940s vintage style shoe giveaway!

And the winner is… GLENNERSGIRL


I added all the peoples names who had left comments under my blog post into an online random name selector wheel of fortune thingy and videoed it.

Thanks for taking the time to enter!

The 1940's Experiment

Are you a size 7 shoe and love 1940’s style? I have a pair of brand-new, heeled Oxford brogue style grandma shoes I’d like to giveaway!

I bought the shoes in a size 8 but they come up at least a size small so rather than return them (I re-ordered a size 9 and they fit my size 8 feet perfectly!) I’d like to give them away to somebody.

I’d been looking for 1940’s style day shoes for quite some time and just couldn’t find any and the real vintage ones were either too small or too expensive for my budget. The lovely replica ones also beyond my budget. So when I saw these last week on Amazon, and quickly did some research to clarify if the style was something one could wear with a 40’s outfit, I immediately bought them. Yes, they are synthetic and won’t last like proper…

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3 thoughts on “1940s vintage style shoe giveaway!

  1. I love vintage.. Congrats to glenners girl !
    I watched your cooking video’s Just to hear your accent 🙂
    You were so cute making mock banana..
    I have yet to try the 1940’s house hair dye.. but maybe you are up for the experiment.


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