Fighting My Obesity – Video Diary 1

I’m slowly getting to grips with my erratic eating habits and have joined a great local gym called “Bannatyne Health Club” which I feel is really helping, not only with my eating but my emotions too. Endorphins can really kick in with me quite strongly in the hour or two after exercise (as you’ll see at the end of the video). LOL!

I’m not particularly eating 1940s at the moment although eating LOTS of veggies, beans and pulses. I’ve had to do away with keeping real cheese in the house as it is a massive trigger food for me (as is chocolate) and instead at the moment some days I’m using a small amount of dairy free vegan cheese (called Violife).

As soon as I am safely back on track I will be focusing on recreating more authentic wartime recipes to share on my blog.

Lots of love and thank you.

C xxxxxxx

18 thoughts on “Fighting My Obesity – Video Diary 1

      • Hi there. Just found your blog and am enjoying it immensely. We have a lot in common. We even look alike. I too have two modes. Eat nothing or eat too much. I think I’m good at eating nothing because after the third day I have no cravings. A month ago I started the keto diet and guess what? After three days I have no cravings. I love having no cravings. It’s like being set free from slavery. I can really choose what to eat and I don’t forage. I love veggies but they can wait until I lose my weight. I don’t know if it’s for you and you may already know about it and rejected it. I just couldn’t handle the sugars in veggies and fruits without eating down the house. At any rate, good to make your acquaintance and I’ll be rooting for you. Susan from Fernandina Beach, FL

  1. I was wondering if you have problems with portion control. That is my big issue with losing weight. Your hair is lovely. Glad to see you back.

    • Thanks Jaime… will be the first to admit that!!! Over the years I’ve learned that the best success for me means making sure I can still incorporate fairly large portions which means eating lots of veggies. xxxx

  2. You’re still inspirational ! This weight business is just so hard though isn’t it? The fact that when we’re eating well and doing exercise we feel so much better, and we’re saying to ourselves ‘ I’m never going back to how I was” just disappears when we suddenly find we’re back in our old ways, and all that hard earned weight loss has crept back up on us. The reason you’re inspirational to me is that you pick yourself back up, don’t bother with blaming anyone or anything else and just start again and get on with it. Thank you !!!😁

    • Thank you Penny xxxxx It’s just something have got to keep doing…whether I succeed or fail is all down to my actions. You are so right about feeling good when eating healthier and exercising but often succumb to temptation. Makes us human I guess….won’t give up though!!!! Thanks for your comment xxxxx

    • It just seems so surreal not bumping into you like we used to etc. That all still hasn’t sunk in properly to be honest, still expect to bump into you or the kids friends or work colleagues. Miss seeing you too Barb xxx

  3. I started doing my 1940 experience 8 weeks ago and it’s been a roller-coaster ride I lost about 20 pounds but it was kind of painful because I was eating carrots and vegetables and enduring light-weight fat and really just working on it and my God it was painful but you know I like listening to you and you know and I’m going to keep on going on you know I feeling great my my sugars are very good my blood pressure is good everything is good normal so I’m going to keep it up and I love you sharing your struggle with us that really helps me

  4. Hi Carolyn so good to actually see you, great video love it, i must join a gym to but have always been nervous coz of my size, perhaps this is what i needed to spur me on 🙂 keep em coming and the wartime recipes hugs Joy x

  5. Keep going Carolyn, your’e doing a grand job. I know how hard it is to restrain oneself when temptation stares you in the face but find if I do not look at these wicked items in the shops and do not bring them home then its much easier to resist. I say to myself well they will still be in the shops when I am ready to have a small taste after nearing my ultimate goal so no pressure!!

  6. We just have to keep on keeping on … never give up. I am with you each step of the way and you always inspire me to do something for myself.

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