No Planking

Just when I was going great guns with the daily planking I got hit with a nasty cold which made me feel pretty awful and went onto my chest a bit so I’ve not planked since last Thursday when I did a 1 minute and 3 second plank! I’m still not recovered but hope to be back to daily planking by Saturday or Sunday so will resume then!

We’ve had visitors so had a lovely day Sunday and ate mountains of off ration homemade cheesecake!

Tomorrow I am heading down south as my youngest daughter Emily starts her ‘Bachelor of Arts’ at the University of Reading and we have to get her moved in to the halls of residence. She’s really excited and I’m really excited for her but embarrassingly bursting into tears now and again so am dreading Friday…

I went to have a nurses check as a new patient at the surgery I have just joined and I was 282 lbs at weigh-in on the doctors scales but I’ve also shrunk 3/4 inch and am now 5ft 5 inches! My blood pressure and pulse were up so as soon as I have returned from dropping Em off at Uni I will be trying soooo hard to work hard on reducing my weight by eating very healthily and taking lots of brisk walks.

C xxxx


4 thoughts on “No Planking

  1. Amazing how sickness can derail our healthy eating. Also hurricanes. We just went through Irma and I ate all my hurricane snacks before she even blew through! I felt bloated the day after but was able to get out and walk around with friends to survey the damage, so that helped a little. I love following your blog. You are such an encouragement to me and I really like your recipes and the rationing. Hang in there. I know the feelings of leaving a kid at college (or uni).


  2. You continue to inspire me. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs in your journey to a lower, healthier weight. I do one good day and then fall off the wagon due to lack of sleep, cooking meals from scratch, lack of time, lack of focus. When I read your thoughts, it cheers me immeasurably and helps me to crawl back on the wagon and begin again. Congratulations on your daughter being at Uni; I share your tears.


  3. Hi Carolyn, it is exciting and a sad moment for a mother when one of the chicks leaves the nest, I know you will make great progress when you come back and will be cheering you on from the sidelines


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