Update – March 2017

Am so sorry for the lack of updates and posts on my blog. I try and keep my Instagram updated though as it’s quick but my life at the moment (like many of you I’m sure) doesn’t have enough hours in the day. Am always on catch up and never quite catching up enough!!!

I hope everyone is well! Spring is in the air and it’s bringing with it feelings of a new beginning and hope for the future. A lot has changed here. My eldest daughter now works with me so we both commute every day. She’s doing really well! My youngest daughter is about to sit her A level finals at college and has been accepted into Reading Uni to do her Bachelor of Arts (she wants to be an English teacher). I’m struggling with my training to do the London Marathon mostly with some hip pain and my ongoing Plantar Fascitis problem but will be training like crazy these next 4 weeks. My weight is slowly still moving downwards and after putting weight back on towards the end of 2016, am happy to say that since January 1st I’ve lost about 22 lbs and am currently at 260 lbs. Am starting to enjoy cycling on the exercise bike at the gym and do 20 km regularly, and now also use the rowing machine and do kettle bell exercises at home and a bit of boxing (mostly punching the sofa pillows!). I figure it’s all going to help!

Once Em’s final exams are over and the London Marathon is done and dusted then we will be heading further North to live in Rotherham which will mean we save 2.5 hrs a day commuting as well as nearly £250 a month in fuel! Sending lots of love and hope everyone is happy and healthy. I really miss doing my recipes and updating the blog right now, if I had the luxury of working part time I’d be busy on it!! LOL xxxxxx C

9 thoughts on “Update – March 2017

  1. That was like receiving a personal letter from you – how nice! I’d been wondering how you were doing.
    You are doing a marvellous job with gaining strength and fitness. Whatever happens, do avoid sustaining any injuries that might hamper you in the long-term future.
    When you have time I’d love to see recipes for some of the dishes you’ve posted photos of – they look deliciously tasty.
    Saving all that commuting time will be a huge thing! Sounds like a great idea.
    Take care, every good wish to you πŸ™‚

  2. VERY PROUD of you Sis and LOVE hearing about you and your Family! I figure WEIGHT GAIN is SEASONAL! Am now wiN, lost weight somehow! Loads of Veggies and hoping to plant up soon and I WANT MY CHILLS BACK!

  3. All the best for your new move. Keep going! More strength to your elbow. Love recipes when you get time would be great!!

  4. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsCarolyn

    Amazing that you do what you already do so don’t beat yourself up! Not that you do – that is what is so positive about you. I love your blogs and have recommended you to a number of friends. Your optimism and personality are truly uplifting. Well done.

    Tricia Graves


  5. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsHave just been catching up on your blog (been far too lax of late). I see your daughter is coming to a fine Uni town, where I have lived most of my life (a bit sad I know). No doubt you might visit Reading at some point. May I suggest Reading Museum with it’s display of Huntley and Palmer war time biscuit supplies etc and also the Museum English Rural Life (run by the uni). Both might be right up your street.

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