Feature on my blog in Waitrose Weekend!


Waitrose have a FREE magazine/newspaper in store which is great because it has lots of recipes and food related articles in it every week.

This week until Wednesday, their weekly newspaper contains a double page spread on rationing during WW2, and my blog! I always like to do these things if asked as am passionate about getting back to basics and the promotion of food in its natural state rather than using processed foods for health and wellness. We all know how addictive processed foods and snacks are (am living proof of that!!!).

Anyway – it’s quite a good article with some factual information in it that you may like to read (I’ll try and take a high res photo later and upload it so you’ll be able to read it).

It was also great to re-create an ‘Apricot Mock Flan’ for the photoshoot and I’ll post the recipe for that including the photos I took later.

I’m just off to the gym right now for a couple of hours. See you on the flip side!

Lots of love

C xxxx


7 thoughts on “Feature on my blog in Waitrose Weekend!

  1. Carolyn, I live in the US. Is it too hard to send me a copy? I love anything and everything British so your blog just makes my eyes dance with excitement. I’m struggling to get out of debt right now (plus lose about 40 lbs) so i’m just in the dreaming stages right now.
    Here is my address: 4315 Comly Street 2nd floor Philadelphia, PA 19135-3905 USA
    If it is too difficult or expensive then you needn’t bother. I truly don’t care to put you to any trouble. Thanks so much for all you share.
    Ronda K Richards


      • We may be able to pick up another copy over the next day or two – if so we can send you it yetanotherfoodblogvlog!


  2. Oh well done! A double page spread how great . Shame I can’t read it , no Waitrose near me for many, many miles. Keep up the good work. you are such an inspiration. Lisa x


  3. I came to your blog via the Waitrose newspaper. I had been thinking for a while that eating off rations might be a lot healthier and you are proving it! I was born a “49-er” so my childhood was post-war 1950s. Our parents really did know how to make do and mend and passed this on to us!

    My hubby a “war baby” – born during an air-raid was facinated to read some of the recipes and he already had a list of ones for us to try – a trip down memory lane!

    All this fuss about “rationing” of veggies in the supermarkets. Why don’t folk just eat in season? I hate lettuce but love dandilion greens!

    Keep up the good work!



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