London Marathon – April 2017.

I’m sitting here typing this with three semi-detached toe-nails, a hip that feels like I’m on the orthopedic surgeons waiting list, and muscles that feel like I’ve been given a right good kicking but I’m smiling broadly because yesterday I finished the Virgin Money London Marathon in just under 7 hrs and 30 mins knocking off 1 hr and 15 minutes off my first and previous marathon time.

I’m really proud of this achievement as a morbidly obese 255 lbs woman who doesn’t fit the stereotype of an “athlete” but I think right now I have every right to call myself that. An athlete is someone who is proficient in a sport or physical activity. As a morbidly obese athlete I am proficient in completing Marathons and you can’t take that away from me! Not today anyway!!!

Let me tell you the crowds at the London Marathon make the event. I have NEVER been so moved, had such good fun, given so many high fives to English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Afro-Caribbean, Asian, Indian, Iranian spectators in my life. (sorry I have missed anyone out, am just giving you some visuals on the amazing crowds!). Kids were handing out sweets and along the way I ate bananas, orange slices, chocolate eggs, chews and anything else on offer that would keep me going as I walked and jogged non-stop! (apart from two pees).

The London Marathon has a cut off point of running it in a maximum of 8 hrs and 15 minutes, come in later than that you don’t get a medal and you don’t get a finishing time or a listing online. Although your race from the red start area (which includes all the charity runners) starts at 10 am it takes at least 30 minutes to even cross the starting line due to the tens of thousands of starters! The cut off time is 6:15 pm full stop. It was such a relief to cross the line at 5:58 pm!!!

Although I am now enjoying some naughty treats (I nearly burned up 10,000 calories yesterday!) my weight loss journey continues with much motivation tomorrow. I may not be doing any more long walks or vigorous exercise for a couple of weeks until everything stops hurting but am really going to concentrate on getting back to my vegetable based 1940s dishes and spend some time on updating the blog with recipes. So much has been put on the back burner to get myself fit enough to get the coveted “London Marathon Medal” that there has been little time for anything else.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the support you have given me and really hope I can start giving back very soon.

Just remember, never give up, persevere and have faith in yourself. Us ladies, we can do anything 🙂

C xxxxx

PS: How difficult it is to use a porta loo after the London Marathon – feel my pain!

My fundraising page is open until October 23rd. I will be releasing my own wartime recipe app and a series of keepsake full colour recipe booklets and the sale of each raises £1 for the Royal British Legion.

25 thoughts on “London Marathon – April 2017.

  1. Congratulations! You make me want to get out there and run today! Wow! And a whole hour and 15 minutes off of your previous marathon. You have much to be proud of! Enjoy your well deserved rest today!

  2. Congratulations! You are truly an inspiration to me (a couch spud by profession). I, too, need to get back to the 1940s way of eating. Lost 20 lbs two years ago following you, then had breast cancer surgery and have gained it back. I’m determined to get back on the wagon.

  3. What an achievement!!!! Well done, You!!!! You continue to inspire and challenge us. I am still on my journey and like you, have plans to get back to the 1940s eating plan. Today I am making Cloud Bread to see if is good for looking like a sandwich covering. I did a 5K walk in 2011 at 350lbs but did not make the time limit. Still, I never thought I could do it. Your example helps me believe I could do another one. Cheers from Nova Scotia

  4. So happy for you that you achieved what you set out to do.
    I hope you heal up quickly after all that exertion and continue to build your health.
    Jolly well done!

    • Then there may be hope for me yet! -trying desperately to lose weight on Atkins but I will be 75 next month and weigh in at 230 😣 I cannot run either! 😂

  5. Congratulations on your success.. you must feel so proud of your accomplishment over the all the toe and hip pain …

  6. So very, very well done!!! My congratulations to you, having watched my son do Ironman, I know how long and difficult this marathon is, so proud for you! Ann Lee S on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

  7. So immensely pleased for you, Carolyn. You’re stronger each time and an inspiration. Thank you. May you heal well and fast. May you achieve your goals.

  8. Wow! What an amazing woman you are Carolyn!! Congratulations on achieving your ultimate goal, had no doubt that you would do it. Well done you athlete you!!! Xxx

  9. Fantastic you are an inspiration for us obese couch potatoes. I am definately motivated to get more active. Please keep up the good work.x

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