267 lbs – Keep Going!


It’s raining and cold. Its going to get brighter this afternoon for a few hours so am going out with my daughter to walk in the countryside.

Took some progress shots for Instagram this morning…(not afraid to show my lumpy bits anymore!) it reminds me to keep going! https://www.instagram.com/p/BDsSYuLSm5e/

C xxx

4 thoughts on “267 lbs – Keep Going!

  1. I haven’t stopped by your site in a while I’m sorry to say but, wow! you are doing so well! Glad to see you are staying positive and moving forward. You should be v proud of of yourself. And you are so brave putting your story out there. The internet can be a vicious place sometimes. Thanks for being willing to open up. (Digging the grey hair btw. It really lightens your face.)

  2. I’ve read the health of people in Britain was very good during rationing. You have chosen a diet that will help you reach your goal healthily and in an interesting way too. I follow a nutritarian diet that has some similarities in that vegetables are eaten in copious amounts! Best wishes as you continue your journey! I just found your blog and intend to read your earlier entries. If you haven’t watched the “1940’s House” (Great Britain) you may want to. It is about a family during WWII and focuses on their daily struggles to cope and feed the family. It is available on Netflix.

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