No longer in the 270’s.

FINALLY, after much vegetable chomping and recent walking through country parks and the streets of Nottingham, my weight dropped into the 260’s… I seem to have been 270 something for ages, the reality is just a few weeks but it did seem such a long time (especially having spent the last few weeks with 73 Easter Eggs on my work desk.) Click here.

The poor kind folk of Instagram were treated to YET ANOTHER close up of my feet (complete with chipped pink nail varnish) standing on the bathroom scales to announce my triumph to the world. My Instagram page is here.

And here I am again, subjecting you lovely people to yet another self absorbed update from the life of a cheese and chocolate addict who seems to have had everything under control for several weeks now. I’m not stressed, I’m calm, and I feel quite happy.

If my life can stay on an even keel now, maybe I really WILL be able to continue to successfully lose my weight and become a healthy person.

Thank you for listening. I’m off to eat more beetroot (yes really!)

Thanks for the love.

C xxxxx


15 thoughts on “No longer in the 270’s.

  1. You are truly an inspiration. I have been trying to eat 1940 ration style, rather unsuccessfully, but you are motivating me to try harder — especially since you are close to my weight. Keep up the great work.


  2. So good to hear of your success! It feels so good to break that certain barrier (whatever it may be). So proud of you, my friend!


  3. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, and receiving updates on your progress. It helps me to realize that it really IS possible to make changes despite your age, and health concerns. I am still eating up to or less than 20 fat grams per day, and find inspiration using your recipes. Today it is a vegetarian chili with brown rice on the side. I am sure it will be tasty. Keep your chin up; we are here cheering you on to the finish!!


  4. Hi Carolyn, I just wanted to ask if you could post your usual lunch salad “recipe”. I know it’s not strictly a recipe and changes with what you fancy/have in, but I think it would be very helpful to me to get a clear idea of what your lunch is comprised of. Do you have any dressings on your salads? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work, congratulations on losing weight this week!


    • Hi Paula, I do use a dressing but use watered down lower fat Heinz Salad cream (they’ve been making salad cream for 100 years!). My salad always contains one full head of Romaine lettuce, some cucumber and tomatoes and also some beetroot. I use Feta cheese for my cheese ration (the reason I chose feta is its about the only cheese I can control my eating with, and there is a lot of flavour for very little)…so I use about 1 oz of low fat feta crumbled over the top one day and the next day I’ll use kidney beans instead (I love those so much!!!!). Sometimes I’ll also sprinkle some pumpkin seeds over the top or anything similar. Calorie wise my LARGE salad with watered down salad cream and 1 oz of low fat feta comes to around 350 cals. I rarely eat bread now. I have porridge for breakfast with flax seed in sweetened with a little jam and made with soy milk (I have that instead of cows milk- its just my preference) and that is 300 cals. Will have a mid morning piece of fruit and a mid afternoon piece of fruit too. That leaves me about 500 cals for an evening meal which during the week is nearly always stew and potato as its quick and \I love this so much. Weekends its time for trying out new wartime recipes or baking my favourite ones xxxx


      • Thank you so much Carolyn, I shall be putting that into practice! Well done again and good luck for the upcoming weeks! x


  5. Well done ! So very pleased for you, one step at a time xxx You are doing great and look so much younger i am so happy for you . Best wishes


  6. Thank you for your courage. I keep losing and gaining 20 pounds. I need to lose at least 50, which may not seem like a lot when you are trying to lose much more. But, the culprit is the same. I love food…breads. pasta, potatoes, and chocolates. All the foods that taste good and are bad for us. That’s why I know God has a sense of humor!


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