Sorry again

I just want to apologise to anyone who has messaged me or written a comment here and I haven’t responded to anyone.

I’m sure it must be coming across as ignorant but honestly its anything but…

Am just maxxed out and have very little time to keep things updated right now.

Life at the mo is pretty much 5am up- on the road at 6:30, start work at 8am, if not at Richard’s it’s back down to Nottingham and usually after a couple of hours its in bed. And when we are together we kind of do other stuff! (right now we’ve been decorating the front room and now on the kitchen!)

Just had internet installed at Richard’s which is great and of course don’t use internet at work for personal stuff.

And yes I do need my butt kicking- I could kick my butt a lot for putting weight back on. I hate it. But as anyone knows with motivation it grabs you and leaves you just as swiftly and then you feel quite a failure.

Anyway- thank you for still visiting the blog. I do appreciate it and will try and get some more recipes created and photographed.

C xxxxx

16 thoughts on “Sorry again

  1. No Butt kicking from me Carolyn….just love and encouragement and big continue to inspire with your strength and “get on with life” attitude.
    No apologies required…you have given so much of yourself providing the tools and support and information for those that want to experiment with a 1940s diet…you are not expected to hold peoples hands….our weight and health are individual responsibilities, as is yours…I have loved following your journey and sharing a little of your life….be lovely to catch up from time to time and know how you are doing…but now is the time to spread your wings and fly with the lovely Richard….have fun both of you! xx

  2. “But as anyone knows with motivation it grabs you and leaves you just as swiftly and then you feel quite a failure.”

    Yup, it’s motivation’s fault. Right.
    What other inanimate, now even abstract, object will you take for an excuse next?

    I kicked your butt enough times and read too many excuses.
    I wish you well on your journey, should you ever decide to take an active part into it again. I’m off.

    • so rude …. Carolyn you are marvellous and an inspiration …keep on going and take no notice of this negativity.

  3. Hang in there- and come back to blogging as and when you can. Life will go on – for you and for us -whether or not you post on the blog. I would rather be thinking you were ‘off blog’ cos you were ‘out walking’.
    Nobody should have to apologise for an absence – but we appreciate it that someone can share the reason for it. If I hadnt recently moved so far from the East Midlands, I’d have found a way to pop over with a Real Hug , not a Virtual One! Lenten blessings xx [and ps, hang on to Richard, he sounds like a keeper]

  4. My friend, I love you whether you are 300 or 100……and whether you blog every day, or once a month. A note to Mir: glad to say good-bye to you on your journey…..your negativity is neither helpful nor wanted on Carolyn’s blog. Anyone else feel the same?
    Love you, Carolyn!

  5. Carolyn. This blog is about your journey and WE chose to jump on and off the ride. What you choose to do is not for us to dictate you’ve given so much.
    I admit I miss your updates and new recipes. But please never apologise for living your life.

    I don’t share the sentiments of Miri, but i will defend their right to have them. As Carolyn has been totally non judgemental of all who post here I will respect that ethos and do likewise, no matter how controversial.

    Now get back in the kitchen Carolyn and whip up a new storm. 😀

  6. Hi Carolyn, with 3 kids, a job etc. I certainly understand you about being maxed out. I’m retired and live in the states and it seems like there is something every single day that takes my time and energy so when I have free time I want to do what I want. Family always comes first.

  7. You can do it! You’re an inspiration to me, and I completely understand what it’s like to fall off the dieting wagon again and again and again. Get some rest, take a deep breath, and keep going. I’ll still be here to cheer you on. Hopefully you can post some yummy warm-weather recipes soon to help us eat garden produce over the summer months.

  8. Dear Carolyn – I check your blog because it’s interesting, you are an interesting person, I respect you for the journey you have been kind enough to share with us thus far, and I care about what happens next. Good health to you; be very very kind to yourself. Warm wishes across the miles.

  9. Thanks for all the comments and points of view. YES- need more good recipes for sure! I visited my Mum and Dad this weekend past and my Mum made a very simple parsnip and carrot mash- so simple, so delicious. I bet they would have mashed all sorts of veg together during the war! xxxxxxxx

  10. Oh, I did carrot and parsnip mash as my traditional Irish Dish on Australia day! I try to celebrate the cultural diversity of the family by making one dish from each ethnic ‘root’, and when I went looking for an Irish dish I found that one. I visit here a LOT, to get idea, try new recipes, and help feed the family on a very tight budget – I am actually looking for a dessert at the moment but became sidetracked. You do a great job, so enjoy your life and realise that things don’t always go smoothly. The important point is that we keep on trying, so Good Luck!

  11. Hey Carolyn, if you need any wartime recipes I have quite a lot, well, a small library of original wartime cookbooks ( my other half is getting a bit concerned 😉 ) so if you need anything just message me hugs Joy xx

  12. I keep coming back to your blog as I keep being inspired by the wartime restraint on access to food. I think restricting access was a big part of healthy weight in wartime. And it is so hard to restrict access to food in these days of abundance. Take it easy with the weight loss, little and often in terms of exercise. Don’t do anything that makes you resent it, as I’m sure you know! Good luck! I’ll keep visiting the blog for your wealth of experience. ps – And drink lots of water. I find that really does help not just the weight issue but also the back pain.

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