Food picture diary – May 13, 2014

Breakfast: Porridge made with water and a splodge of syrup to sweeten – 200 cals

Lunch: Bean, lentil and vegetable Stew with baked potato plus two slices of bread/margarine – 800 cals

Supper: Not sure yet! Laters!



One thought on “Food picture diary – May 13, 2014

  1. Not sure if I am doing this the right way as I have never made a comment before. I live in Scone, New South Wales, Australia and about 4 months ago came upon your website while looking at diets. I am totally intrigued and look at your website every week day. I am so pleased you are trying again and would like to know how your weight loss is going more often. I have become interested in world war 2 food through this website and have recently purchased the War Farm dvd series which I am really enjoying. Keep publishing!!!


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