Food for Photos and Fun

Wartime cheese whirls (yes that brown stuff is Marmite and it's an authentic recipe)

Wartime cheese whirls (yes that brown stuff is Marmite and it’s an authentic recipe)

Exciting times…

Without saying too much, as I don’t think I’m allowed to right now, I’m cooking several more wartime recipes for another photo shoot taking place at my house on Monday.

Get this…anyone who knows me can testify that largely I’m a leggings and t-shirt kinda gal but I do so wish to just occasionally (when I’ve lost more weight) get glammed up and feel like a woman. I want that..

I’m kind if getting that treatment on Monday. I’ve got to go into town with a stylist, who will treat me to a new dress and will style my hair a bit and do my make-up. I’m really not the sort of person who likes all that faffing about but I have to admit I’m quite excited as long as they can disguise my preggy looking belly. Having put weight on fairly recently and with over 100 lbs to lose, I’m still very self concious.

So I’m cooking like crazy today and then I’ve got to get my kitchen spotless and then Monday it’s a day of excitement (as well as trying to fit in chores) and then well I guess we just wait to see …

Hope you have a great day!

C xxxx

PS I’ve been compiling a 1940s clothing wish-list on Wrappler (CLICK HERE) ¬†adding stuff as I go along. Some dresses, some shoes and some fun dressing up ideas. I’m rather liking this dress.. I’d like to wear something like that when I get below 200lbs..



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  1. Oh yes, and it hangs beautifully. I don’t think that knee length style looks good on many people though. You see it lots these days but even the stick-thin people can barely carry it off. What is the photo shoot in aid of? Are you being interviewed! Tell us more.

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