Weight loss and a man…

The last couple of weeks have been interesting and the last week or so amazing…

I’m motivated, happy and definitely in control of my eating.

Yesterday morning I weighed in at 19 st 8 lbs (274 lbs) so I lost 8 lbs in a week!! YES in a week!


Every day I stuck rigidly to rationing except one day where I went to my friend Bertie’s birthday at her house where she cooked a totally delicious meal consisting of a vegan mile-high pie and a vegan chocolate cheesecake (that had courgettes in it)…oh and I drank champagne and home brew beer….BUT I was feeling happy and there was no way I could be a kill-joy and refuse such delicious (and healthy) food.

Losing weight and being motivated has to come from within BUT having friends that totally believe in your capabilities and don’t judge you on your current weight, and make you feel good about yourself, really, really helps (and the comments that you leave I read over and over…)

I’ve met someone here in the Midlands…… it’s very early days so I’m keeping this very close to my chest (and I won’t give away anymore than that to anyone!). Regardless, it doesn’t matter. He’s a beautifully burly, confident, chatty, witty, ย lovely man, who pushes my buttons, and we’ve become good friends. He’s encouraged me every day without fail and he’s making me feel better about myself.

Yes it’s been an interesting week but at the moment I feel I can achieve anything…

C xxxxx


26 thoughts on “Weight loss and a man…

  1. I’m so happy for you, you deserve all the happiness in the world, and 8lb is awesome, you will be down to your targets in no time at that rate. I have tried in vain to get the family to do the ration diet with me but i get as far as planning it out (family of 5), then stumble!! I check your site everyday for inspiration. Keep up the good work. xxxx

  2. just because a change is scary or difficult doesn’t mean it won’t be good. I find that most scary changes end up producing the best things in life. you courage and strength have paid off, and i love reading about all your successes no matter how big or small they are. in a few months i will be among the ranks of unemployed, but you are an example that shows me that while it will be tough, it’s not the end of the world. exciting things are in store!

  3. I have lost weight successfully three times in my life and all three was because I had a crush or was going out with someone I had fallen for. Over eating of food is a substitute for something else missing in our lives. Fill up on love Carolyn.

  4. Well done, fantastic weight loss in just one week. Do you find that the more you worry about your weight, the more bloated and yuck you feel, yet, if you relax it seems to go quicker? Wonderful news about your friendship too. x

  5. Good on you Carolyn! Great news, on weight loss and Man friend. I hope he see in you what we all see in you. Your humour in the face of adversity, your perseverance in all you do (nearly wrote perversion there – freudien slip).

    Rae, Are you an Engineer, Tech Draughsman, living in the North West (North Wales) area, if so the place I work at is always looking for employees.
    – Carolyn could you pass on my details if Rae wants them.

    • I’m a graphic designer in Baltimore Md, USA. Thanks for the thought though.

      I’ve been following this blog for sometime now, ever since I stumbled across it searching for a victory cake which I knew was vegan. I’ve been loving Carolyn’s posts ever since.

  6. Wonderful news all round! No wonder you’ve been away from your blog recently – you have even better things to do. You’re really in demand at the moment! Speaking of which, have you had any more thoughts about the Marple Women’s Institute?

    • Hey Joss- I think I replied and was keen to do the earlier talk in the year, I think you said May but anytime is good for me and the money to cover my travel costs etc is much appreciated.. I’d love to do it and work towards preparing something and get used to speaking in front of folk ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks xx

  7. I found your blog just this evening and have enjoyed reading back through several posts. You have done well on a very interesting approach to eating. I know from many years of experience how much of a roller coaster ride losing and keeping weight off can be. That cute 40s style dress is an excellent inspiration. I am wondering if you have been able to explore the secret room that you found under your home. I imagine there will be some interesting finds in there. I plan on trying that Colcannon recipe that you showed. It looks delicious.

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