Weigh in day- lost again!

I’ve been away since Friday visiting a friend. Had an awesome weekend and the suspense has been killing me since I returned yesterday to see if the scales showed a weight loss…. they did!

A weekly weight loss of 4 lbs so I’m now 19 stone and 4 lbs (12 lbs off in two weeks).

I celebrated this morning with a few spoonfuls of beans on two slices of toast (no margarine) and did a little jig.

It’s good to be smiling again 🙂

C xxxxxxx


PS: More recipes to come, have 2 or 3 to put up.  Apologize for my tardiness. Hope everyone is doing well xxxxxx

11 thoughts on “Weigh in day- lost again!

  1. Aaarghh, , , , , I think I have found the pounds you are loosing 🙂

    If I could give up the local brew I’d be so much happier when weigh in comes around.

    Great to read your successes though Carolyn.


  2. One pound back on for me, but I do have an excuse! dear husband is doing all the cooking as I broke my wrist three weeks ago 😦 Well done with your loss, Carolyn x


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