A busy week


I have lots to post but I’ve been a bit quiet, initially because we all came down with a nasty cold virus thing that had us all coughing like crazy (and weeks later we still have remnants), but also my parents visited and it was the first time I had seen them in 9 years! Needless to say this was all I could think of! It was am emotional time for me but they both looked GREAT!1381786_10151674875632361_1231339740_n

Joblessness has also been preoccupying my mind and worrying me with my tenancy renewal looming up by the end of November. Last thing I want to do is have to move so I’m trying my hardest to find work that will support my family and I. The kids are applying for jobs too. In our favour is the fact that there are more temporary Christmas jobs popping up so I’m sure something will happen soon.

I’ve been busy continuing to clear up the garden and I think come next summer (keeping fingers crossed we’ll still be here) the garden will look really nice.

1381346_10151665241587361_856653231_nBBC Radio Nottingham called me back to be part of a Monday morning breakfast show talking about news over the weekend with another guest too. It was scary but great experience and lots of fun. They have asked to call me again in a months time so I hope so..

I haven’t yet jumped on the scales, I’m scared too but I need to get this weight back off so will do on Monday. I’m going to work out a daily walking schedule, find a route through the houses around the back where it’s off the main road. I walk 3 or 4 times a week to the shops at the moment but it’s not enough!

The 1940s Supper Club idea is still very much in my mind. I’ve been reading the book, over and over that Cookaholic Kate sent me and I’m trying to find a way forward on that to make it happen.  Cooking for 6 while Mum and Dad were here (in the Supper Club it would probably be 12) gave me lots of pointers as to what I am lacking, what I need, how much washing up, how much space is needed, how much more seating is needed etc. I have a need for more tables and chairs and anything above 10-12 would not be able to be accommodated in the dining room. In addition I need to work out what is available at Arnold Community Centre if there happened to be an issue with having it at my house. I’ll be doing my ‘Food Handling’ course online and I do need to have my kitchen inspected. It’s a prudent thing to do and it also means that in the future I could make food products to sell..

Busy, busy

C xxxx




8 thoughts on “A busy week

  1. What lovely photos of your Mum and Dad and the children, it must have been a very special time for you all. I have weighed myself and found I’ve lost 5 pounds over the last 6 weeks, I know you will have nothing to fear when you jump on the scales. Good luck with the job hunts and the dinner, I’m sure something will turn up soon xx


    • I jumped on the scales and it was I had feared… will be blogging later to get things off my chest (I’m sorry to put you all through this whinging of mine!!! LOL)

      Thanks so much for your support xxx


  2. Hi there carolyn, i have been following your blog almost since recipe no 1. I also love the period and the recipes of the 1940s but dont have the confidence to blog or follow this interest other than reading avidly about it. I live at Mapperley and regularly use Arnold to shop, so maybe we could meet one day for coffee and chat. .with very kind regards,


    • Dear Lynda- we MUST!!! I have a busy week ahead but from next week onwards (after next weekend) you must come over!! That would be awesome!! xxx


  3. That Radio Nottingham thing that you mention casually in passing sounds amazing! After your first interview with them, they were as impressed with you as we were. Where’s the link though?


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