Friday’s food diary



I’ve eaten a lot today… I’ve eaten a lot all week and will be curious what the scales will show on Tuesday morning.

For breakfast I had my more-often-than-not porridge sweetened with a teaspoon of jam.

For lunch I had a yummy ‘pulse savoury’ and I’ll post the recipe tomorrow



And for dinner I had two sausages, two small baked potatoes and some peas. (I sometimes take my meat rations as meat alternatives so I can recreate authentic recipes and actually taste them!)

Today I’ve drunk gallons of tea (well not literally but an awful lot more than normal) and lots of water. I’m rather thirsty right now!

Last night I had homemade stout. Now that was a lovely treat 🙂

C xxx

5 thoughts on “Friday’s food diary

  1. I know it has been hot of late but you mention being very thirsty maybe you should get your blood sugar levels checked as us chubby girls have a higher risk of diabetes. By the way some friends and I were tidying the Rectory garden ready for our new Vicar and picked some plums that couldn’t wait. Inspired by your jam making I did plum jam and will try your pear crumble No. 16 with Plums.

    • Oh I’m fine.. I’ve checked them I just occasionally have thirsty days and this is one of them 🙂 OOOOOOOOO PLUMS!! Mmmmmm that sounds wonderful!!! I want some plum crumble!!! 🙂 Tee hee!!

    • Hi..

      Most of my recipes for the pop-up supper club will be meatless simply because a lot of the recipes were meatless or eggless back in the 1940s but I do occasionally cook meat for my children and I’ll do the same for the supper club.. I don’t want to restrict anyone from experiencing an authentic tasting meal..

      Actually the sausages are just Linda McCartney’s vegetarian sausages and are the closest I’ve come across that taste like sausagemeat. Occasionally, instead of receiving extra pulses/beans etc instead of meat as part of my ration, I’ll buy a packet of meatless sausages, so I can recreate a specific wartime recipe xxxx

  2. Another reason for being thirsty is that you could be coming down with a cold. Your body needs the extra fluids, as extra body fluids (eugh!!!) are produced. Get the vitamin C out or try some nettles, lightly blanched. They are full of vitamin C. To pick them use gloves, or hold your breath when handling them. I don’t know why this works, but it does (well it drastically reduces the number of times you get stung).

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