Thursday’s food diary


Just a quick update.

Breakfast was once again porridge sweetened with a teaspoon of watered down jam.

Lunch was delicious and simple. Two slices of bread buttered lightly on each side and slowly browned in a pan and seasoned with salt and dried mixed herbs while cooking. Then I topped them with a nice ripe sliced tomato.



Dinner was a vegetable and macaroni casserole, heaps of it.

And after I had a small slice of leftover apple pie.

I’m not sure of the calories today… my guesstimate around 1800 cals

C xxx

5 thoughts on “Thursday’s food diary

  1. The camera cost me $10 secondhand when I lived in Canada! It’s really slow as its an early point and press digital but it seems to take nice piccys. Thanks xxx

  2. I agree…your photos are excellent I always seem to get onion peelings and damp teatowels creeping into my shots!…love tomatoes on toast…simple foods just work so well for the ultimate fast food fix!

    • Aww thanks… I just move stuff near the window to try and get a good light, that might help a bit. YES oh my friend bread and tomatoes yesterday was so nice I think I may have top have them for lunch again!

      • hmmm…my table by the window is normally occupied by the cat…he thinks its a sunbed! …and to add to the frustration my camera battery has run out just as I was about to take piccies….can I resist munching until they recharge?…I doubt it!

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