Landing in blighty!

What a busy week!! Everything went smoothly, we didn’t miss trains or planes and departed from Halifax on AirTransat at 11pm (after completing paperwork with Colleen from Canadian Border Services who also made sure we were on the plane when it took off- by the way she and Kathy who dealt with our case were darlings…. Just doing their job) and touched down in the UK at 9am… the air-flight itself was just 5 hours but it felt surreal boarding in darkness then watching the sunrise as we crossed the ocean…. The flight was booked solid and the seats were small (or my bottom very large) and I needed an extender belt for my fat tummy (makes note to start losing more weight again soon)…

St Pancras train station in London

St Pancras train station in London

We had mixed thoughts as we flew closer to the UK…. Sadness and regret but excitement that we were going on an adventure and of course being back in England for the first time in 9 years…it was beautiful seeing the British landscape again as the plane banked and then straightened to come in to land.

However the idyllic scenery, comforting us as we flew into blighty, was soon tarnished by our arrival at Gatwick Airport. “Would Carolyn Ekins, Joshua Ekins…. (Etc etc) please stay behind” was the announcement on the aircraft. We were puzzled… The aircraft attendant ushered us to the front of the aircraft, once everyone had left, and we were met by 4 members of the Border Services Agency AND a member of Her Majesty’s Custom and Excise who asked for our passports (without explanation) and asked us to follow them… two of them hung back with me and we had a great old chat but still we had no idea WHY we were going with them..

Eventually, we reached passport control and were corralled, with another gentleman from our flight, into a compound in the middle of the floor (basically a fenced off area with a gate) while people from our flight and another flight, stood in queue’s to go through the landing procedure.

I got speaking to the gentleman next to me who was on our flight. He had flown to Canada to stay with his girlfriend for an extended stay.. probably a few months but he wasn’t sure. Canadian Border Services refused him entry after an alleged 4 hour interview partially because he had no proof of funds with him and no return ticket already bought so he had to return home..

As it transpired, the corralling was just normal procedure for those people who have had dealings with Canadian Border Services… still, being made to sit in a holding area in plain sight of hundreds of people wasn’t very humane or dignified.. it’s a good job I laugh at such folly. If anything, it worked in our benefit as we only had to wait 10 minutes and then I was handed back my passport and that was that….if we had been in the normal queue we would have still been waiting 30 minutes later!

After that everything ran smoothly. We collected our luggage and spend 40 minutes standing on a very crowded train from Gatwick Airport to St Pancras Station in London. We were early so enjoyed an hour outside a coffee shop just chatting and relaxing and enjoying the tremendous architecture at the station. Then we went to the first class lounge (I had spent 12 pounds more per ticket and upgraded to first class and reserved seats so we could enjoy sitting together and relaxing on the final leg of our journey) where we had comfy chairs and free refreshments before boarding the train. The journey was so relaxing… the rocking of the train plus the 5 hours of sleep over the last couple of days, ensured that everytime I sat and relaxed, I immediately turned into a narcoleptic..hell I didn’t even have to sit! The service was wonderful! Every 30 minutes we had complimentary refreshments, juice, water, tea, coffee, peanuts or little cakes….

Less than 2 hours from London, we were in Nottingham and we found a cab right outside the station which took us to our new home.. a place I had never stepped foot inside.

Our new house!

Our new house!

Greeting us were Bertie and Ben. They had done so much for us. They had been there for deliveries, had purchased some basics for us like pillows, plates, cutlery, kettle, keys, groceries and Ben had even made two vegan dishes, left for us on the cooking range to heat up and enjoy…one was lentil and one was chickpea and both had wonderful herbs and spices in them… as I speak one huge pot has been pretty much gobbled down (oh yes what a wonderful breakfast!). In addition they had checked the house out, done a video tour and helped with all my enquiries…. I thank them for their kindness. It really helped us out..

The house is amazing…

photo (5)

We’ve always pretty much lived rurally the last 20 years, no near neighbours, surrounded by plenty of land.. privacy. My biggest worry about moving near Nottingham was the possibility of feeling hemmed in by fences and houses sitting very close, all around. For this very reason, when I saw this rental home online, it looked roomy and spacious and felt that it would suit our transition into urban living again. The rental amount was about 100 pounds a month above my budget BUT I just knew it had to be…sometimes you just have to go with the heart.


The house is huge…It dates back to 1780 and has enormous Georgian style windows and ceilings over 10 ft tall. You need step ladders to reach the curtain poles! There is a mud room and shower, a lovely kitchen, a dining room, a substantial family/sitting room, a study and a downstairs loo on the ground floor. The next floor contains the biggest bathroom I’ve been in ever, complete with a free standing claw foot bath and a nice shower, my bedroom which is so big I keep thinking of it as a ballroom (Ok slight exaggeration but you are sensing my excitement right?) is lovely and that then leads on to another bedroom (or dressing room) which I have already decided I will move into in the winter as it will be easier to heat and keep warm. Finally, after 4 flights of stairs, on the upper floor, are the kids rooms, once again all very nice. With all the flights of stairs, I do believe we will all have wonderfully sculpted thighs by Christmas..


The garden is a delight with lots of mature shrubs and some flowers and herbs. I’ve yet to identify many species, as soon as I get my internet up and running (just have right now after a week of line problems!!). It’s compact but there is lots of space around the patio area for large tubs for veggies and herbs. I desperately want to try and get a few growing tubs up ASAP once I can locate a garden centre to buy supplies from…it’s not too late yet! (Ben and Bertie drove me to one yesterday and I have a few veggies and a push lawnmower) Yesterday evening I pulled up a few large piles of couch grass from between the shrubs and flowers and I started to pull up weeds growing up through the pea shingle.

To be continued…


26 thoughts on “Landing in blighty!

  1. Welcome! I’m so pleased all went smoothly, the house is lovely. I hope the hobbits are ok too xxx

  2. Welcome back to Blighty Carolyn! Goodness me, that was a planes, trains and automobiles journey and a half. The house looks fantastic and if our “summer” weather makes a consistent appearance, growing veggies should be no problem.

  3. So relieved you are all safe, welcome home! Your new home looks lovely, and very peaceful. So excited for you all on your new adventure 🙂

  4. So good to hear from you again!! The house looks amazing 🙂 Looking forward to hearing of all your adventures!

  5. Welcome to Nottingham. What area did you end up in? Looks Lenton (ish) to me or possibly Mapperley? Anyway, wherever you are I hope that you settle in and enjoy our lovely City and County.

  6. Glad your’e back “home” in good old Blighty and back on line. I’ve missed your cheery chatter.
    Hope everything goes well for you and yours.
    Look forward to hearing how your’e settling in when you have more time.

  7. So glad you arrived safely. And your description of your new digs makes me homesick for Scotland again. I am so hoping to visit next year. Blessings to you in your new home, and know you are surrounded by love on both sides of the sea.

  8. Good to see you back on line Carolyn. Your new home looks GORGEOUS!
    I hope you and the kidlets are settling in okay. Looking forward to hearing the continuing saga of your 1940s experiment. (You are going to continue aren’t you?!!) Greetings from Canada.

  9. Welcome home C.
    You just have to get ACL up and running again and it’s like you never went away.x

  10. Hi Carolyn, Welcome to the Green and Pleasant Land.
    Just a little aside from the above, Did you know that Rationing in the UK officially ended on July 3rd 1954?
    Anyway, got to be off to work – those Dark Satanic Mills don’t run themselves.

  11. Welcome back, Carolyn and family! I’ve been looking forward to reading your next post and hearing all about your journey. Your new house looks absolutely lovely and i think you were right to push the boat out at a time like this. If you can start by feeling you are on holiday it will be much easier for you. It’ll be fun exploring a new area and I hope you get to stay in it after your lease expires. Best of luck! Keep in touch.

  12. A book you may find usefull is Food Scrap Gardening by Will Cook. I was amazed what you can grow from the kitchen scraps…. Sounds like something you would enjoy. thanks for the pictures of your new home… I hope I still have an adventure or two left to me.!

  13. Very pleased that the TransAtlantic transfer went so well. The house is gorgeous! Looking forward to your new adventures. Have you seen your parents yet? That must be wonderful after such a long time!

  14. Not to change the subject abruptly, but I noticed that the stove in your new flat sits in the fireplace.

    Does this occur very often in the UK? To come to think of it, it makes perfect sense to place it there.

  15. Glad to hear all went well, the house looks amazing!…so jealous! You were blessed to have Bertie and Ben looking after things for you. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
    By the way, I just finished working for five days as a volunteer at Gettysburg, PA. Before I left I weighed myself…215lbs. When I returned I weighed in at 201lbs. I’m not lying. I was on my feet for ten hours a day and didn’t have much chance to eat anything. I don’t recommend it but it worked to shift those stubborn pounds.

  16. So pleased you had a safe journey back to the UK. The house looks great , hope you settle in quickly, certainly sounds like you have had a good start. Lisax

  17. I’ve just caught up with your latest post, welcome back. What a lovely new home you have and what good friends too. I’ve been busy this last week, my daughter and family have been visiting from NZ. It has meant being with my three lovely little granddaughters, aged from three to eight years old, playing, climbing castles and generally having fun with them. I have been following the forties spirit and cutting right down on meat, eating fresh salads from the garden and have managed to lose three pounds this week.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog and following new recipes,
    take care and have fun 🙂

  18. Nice to see you’re back safely in the Old Country. Your home looks like something out of “Country Living” by the way!
    I shall follow your progress with interest, as they say; every happiness to you. Good health, good luck with everything.
    Love from Valerie in NZ xxx

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