Day 6 – 1940s Experiment 2013


I have a confession to make.. I caved in and jumped on the scales this morning as I was TRULY & ABSOLUTELY convinced that I may have actually gained weight this week as I’ve eaten a LOT…not the case I’m pleased to report!

Yesterday I had a friend over for lunch and he was the first of many friends I’ll have to say goodbye too with moving to a new continent. It was lovely to catch up but at the same time tough to say goodbye. By far the goodbye’s will be the most painful in the coming weeks…

Today I am doing my final volunteer day down at the “Mahone Bay Civic Marina” as it’s boat crane in day… a job I’ve done twice a year for many, many years as part of being a director of the Mahone Bay Wooden Boat Society. It’s given me an enormous amount of pleasure..

Today’s menu


Large mixed salad with kidney beans and some bread and butter

Lord Woolton Pie (version 2)

Hope EVERYONE has a fantastic day!!!

C xxxx

8 thoughts on “Day 6 – 1940s Experiment 2013

  1. There will be a few “final” things coming up – I hope they are all enjoyable! I also sneaked a peek and I have put weight ON! Hmm not sure why ….. (might be the cider I had yesterday! I was still under my calories though)

    Anyhow today’s menu for me

    Breakfast – none (stayed in bed with hubby!)
    lunch – 2 Quorn hotdogs and one roll
    dinner – Quorn and mushroom casserole with Jersey royal potatoes and veggies

    drinks – black tea with milk, water

  2. Day 6 started well for me. Toast and Vegemite for brekkie, then the last of the big pot of veg soup for lunch and finally dinner was a left over pasty filled with potato and veg curry from several days prior with a salad. No snacking at all this week and that alone feels like an achievement. Stepped on the scales to realise they are horribly broken! I could not have lost 5kg (11 lbs) in one week. Confirmed this by stepping on again this morning, and got another wildly different reading. Hmpphh.
    Off to buy new scales now. But that aside I do feel much better already, not having hunger cravings and drinking much less tea. No coffee at all. Certain bodily functions are settled and I am drinking way more water.
    Day 7 starts for me with a moment of panic realising I have to cook a ration roast dinner for 5 tonight with pudding. But I’ve done really well all week with rations so I have plenty to use, including being able to use fresh egg to make yorkshire puddings, or maybe use dried for that and fresh for pudding. Oh such decissions.

  3. I too have been frugal with some things so I shall have my fresh egg in something yumptious tomorrow! I have dripping left so roast potatoes are a must, just not sure about meat. Thought I’d make a rice pudding with cinnamon…
    Anyway, the weather has been glorious so hopefully it’s off to the beach hut tomorrow afternoon, I must try & show you some pics as its all Union Jack flag and only 12 feet from the sand on the beach. Looking forward to it.
    We shall be taking salad with us and putting the kettle on when we get there. X

      • Strangely enough we thought the same and never actually tried to get one – last Summer I just thought I’d phone the council. Got one in 3 weeks!!!!! Best thing ever, try it you never know xx

  4. Day 7
    Well today I was naughty, there I admit it. Of my own free will I ate…and thoroughly enjoyed…a Frys Chocolate Creme bar! I had an absolute craving for one when I was reading a Wartime diary entry which mentioned that there had been some in the shops.
    Breakfast-toast & marmite plus tea
    Lunch-Frys Chocolate Creme. 🙂
    Cup of coffee
    Dinner-roast beef(I had only one slice)
    Roast potatoes, carrots, spring cabbage
    Yorkshire pudding
    Small helping of homemade rice pudding
    Lovely traditional British roastie!
    Feel a bit fat though 🙁 I shall find out tomorrow…X

  5. Chin up Carolyn and bulk buy the Kleenex, or if we’re being truly 1940s then don’t leave home without a stack of clean handkerchiefs – much more echo friendly!

    Question for everyone: what do people do when out and about? Normally I do pack a picnic for everyone, but I didn’t manage that today. How did rations work if you had a meal out? Not that my lunch was much of a meal because there was nothing gluten free apart from a packet of crisps and an eat natural bar! That’ll teach me to be disorganised.

    Today’s menu
    Breakfast: leftover potato scones with homemade jam
    Lunch: crisps and an almond & apricot bar, strawberries
    Dinner: Cauliflower macaroni cheese with bacon & side of cabbage

    Treat: no cook chocolate cake made with leftover chocolate (100g), leftover ginger parkin, handful of mixed dried fruit, 1 tablespoon marge, 1 tablespoon syrup)

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