Weigh in – November 26, 2012

Bleh- stood on the scales this morning. Since having to leave my job, I stopped exercising (most of it was done on the treadmill during my lunch break)…and later on since reducing to 219 lb (80 lb in one year) and sitting on my laurels a little and I’ve eaten a little more comfort food than I normally would have, I’ve PUT ON 10 lbs…. NOT happy. But hey, it wasn’t gonna be easy was it with the stressful circumstances of my life over the past few months or so. I’m determined to reverse this ASAP and today, whatever the weather, I’m gonna be out there walking my ass off  !!!!!!!!!!

So today I’m back up to 229 lbs.

My goal… to make sure that is back off by Christmas!

C xxxx

PS. I’m going to keep an online 1940s Wartime Food Diary from now until Christmas. Please feel free to like the 1940s Experiment Facebook page and join in or just say hello xxx


8 thoughts on “Weigh in – November 26, 2012

  1. Much better to catch it at the 10lb point that at the 2 stone point! After the amount you have managed to lose, you know that it is possible for you to lose it again….and spotting where you think you went wrong is also a good sign! Good luck losing the weight.

  2. If it went on fast it will come off fast. Long walks off the tread mill are lovely and the best possible exercise — easier on the joints than running. And I find when I am using food as a distraction it’s best to find another distraction. I knit, but anything you enjoy and can become engrossed in will do. We’ve all been there. When you’ve headed in the wrong direction it always looks like a long way back, but once you get moving, it goes quickly. Don’t despair.

  3. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is a bugger for weight gain. Especially belly fat – what joy! Seems like a good excuse to be extra nice to yourself.

  4. Keeping it off is so hard. I have finally realised that I will probably have to be on what I consider to be a diet forever now. I’ve been observing what thin people eat and really that is what they are doing – dieting. I guess I just need a new ‘normal’. Your current circumstances aren’t normal at the moment though, so go easy on yourself a bit.

  5. Oh dear Carolyn, I am so sorry. It is a natural thing, when there is nothing much to think about, to eat. Human nature is a strange thing. Just remember that exercise does NOT make you feel hungry. It makes you too worn out to eat!!!

  6. You have caught it early and recognise the reasons – practical and emotional. So you can deal with it. Your goal is still there. You can reach it because you have changed your life.

  7. I read your update, sorry to hear about your job. You can lose those extra 10 pounds if you put your mind to it.
    I found your blog when I searched for WW2 ration recipes, and was looking for recipes my class of 9 year olds can make. We are doing the mock apricot flan next week. Let’s hope they like it. Good luck. Sussex, UK.

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