Getting by…and learning to write

This will be a brief posting. Life is hectic. I never knew not having a job could be so busy…

The early weeks were full of distractions and stresses of an unknown future but as time has passed by, the kids and I have something tangible on our horizon, we just have to knuckle down and get the appropriate paperwork completed. Yes we have a deadline and that’s why I’ll be chained to my computer all this afternoon.

But life goes on…

There are real concerns and worries when you are unable to work for any employer in the country in which you live, when you have no health coverage or no financial assistance in any form to feed yourself or your family. I’m not looking for sympathy or anything else here but just stating the facts. They need to be spoken. The few months while we wait for our new work and study permits will seem like a lifetime.

It’s not ALL doom and gloom though. I recently was given the opportunity, by a Facebook friend in the UK, to write 10 web articles for a days pay. The subject …….LUXURY SKI RESORTS. As I know nothing about skiing and have not acquired the necessary skills to say focused on one task, instead of taking an hour an article, each one took 2-3 hours including research. Although I was frustrated by my inability to deliver to a specific deadline, I was rather pleased that I had managed to formulate some accurate, factual articles. A small success. I will have another 10 articles to write on specific herbs this weekend, I know my herbs, this will be easier..

Onwards and upwards… time to go shopping and then an afternoon of immigration type paperwork!

C xxxxxxxx




8 thoughts on “Getting by…and learning to write

  1. Hi Caroline Sorry to hear of your financial problems. Its a bummer I know. Instead of writing articles for other people, why not write on subjects that you love like weightloss etc. E-books do not have to be long and hundreds of pages. Amazon are desperate for all sorts of books for their kindle customers. I am doing a on-line marketing course at the moment which I have every expectation will make me money on-line selling information products. As I have very little computer knowledge it is very step by step which is ideal for me..doh!

    Like you I am under a lot of pressure finacially as I have exactly two years to find £161,0000 to pay off the principle sum on my home when the contract ends in 2014 September. Very scary….However I believe in the impossible and miricles and all situations are solvable if you have enough faith.
    If you would like the informatin on the course I am doing which I highly recommend then e-mail me on and I will e-mail you all the information. Very best wishes Rosemary


  2. We are so blessed in the UK to have a free health service and benefits to assist those in need….we often moan about the NHS (not sure if it’s a British trait or a human one!) but at least when my husband was suddenly made jobless weeks before Christmas a few years ago, we still had money coming in for food and essentials and didn’t have to worry about insurance or doctors’ bills. I’m not suggesting it’s a cure all set up, and I certainly don’t approve nor encourage those that feel handouts are always due to them so they can sit at home/enjoy endless free time, but it is an amazing safety net for those suddenly without work/wages through no fault of their own.

    I must say, the 1940’s experiment Carolyn, for you seems to have actually mimicked life for women and families in the 1940s in rather unexpected ways….many women then found themselves having to make do, mend or do with out, to cope with a change in wages, loss of the breadwinner (temporarily or permanatly) and huge changes in their day to day life. Whilst it would pobably have been nicer not to experience that, it certainly sounds like you have embraced the spirit of those 1940s women and buckled down, rolled up your sleeves and got on with it. I wish you, and your family, all the best in the new life you are about to go into…..I hope you will continue to update your blog and let us all know how things are progressing!


  3. Hi Carolyn, you are doing everything you can possibly do – “Keep Calm and Carry On”, as the saying goes.

    Have you thought about doing a search on other 1940s/vegan/healthy eating themed sites/e magazines – they may be interested in you doing a paid article for them – you have a fantastic story to share about your journey and others will definitely be inspired.

    About three years ago, I got laid off and didn’t have any work for six months – you’re doing exactly what I did – make do and mend, and keeping going with a positive spirit.

    It is hard but you are strong and things will come right for you.

    Virtual hugs.

    Bev xxx


  4. I don’t even know why I’m saying this as I know that you will hate the idea, but if you added a ‘donate now’ button to your site I would gladly chuck in a tenner as a small token of my appreciation. Bet I’m not the only one…


  5. I agree with Lorna. Unlike many other users of the internet, I do not believe in something for nothing. The content on your blog is of such value that to me it seems worth paying real money for, like a book. You definitely need to get that proposal together for the publisher. But in the mean time, yes, put a ‘donate now’ button up there,


  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your current situation and hope that you and your family hear some positive news soon. Are you able to apply for Landed Immigrant status, thereby qualifying for Medicare? (As an aside, an earlier poster seemed to be under the impression that we do not have publicly funded heath care akin to the NHS here in Canada, when we certainly do.) I was very fortunate when I lived in London that my UK Ancestry Visa allowed for me to access the NHS, even before I had found a job. Best of luck and sending positive vibes your way.


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