Not every meal is from a recipe book…

As it’s Friday night, I brought home some treats like a big cheese pizza for Jess and her boyfriend Cody and my youngest Hobbit Em wanted carrots and apples and ham, I of course obliged..

So what was my treat? I was craving broccoli and mushroom I bought a big fresh bunch and a tub of fresh mushrooms reduced by 50% and used up some old bits of onion in the fridge and with some seasoning, thyme,  some milk (flax milk) and bisto, I made the most delicious thick gravy which I tossed the lightly cooked broccoli in. And I had two big platefuls…

My meal was about 500 cals, packed with nearly all my daily fibre, nearly half my daily protein, 500% of my vitamin C, 200% of my vitamin A, a third of my daily calcium and a third of my daily iron. My lunch of raw corn, kidney beans and spinach ensured the rest of my protein and fibre and my breakfast of a big bowl of organic porridge oats with organic apple puree and ground flax seed gave me plenty of slow release complex carbs, a whopping amount of iron and fibre and omega 3’s and 6’s as well as more vitamins.

I sometimes wonder how come my hair is getting long and shiny and I feel so healthy, I’ve noticed these changes, especially the last couple of months, I’m soooo glad I stuck with this, I forgot how I was supposed to feel, now I know and I like it….

C xxxxx

PS And tonight I have plenty of milk (I use nut, hemp or flax milks as part of my ration being vegan) leftover for a big mug of sweet hot chocolate. Pretty perfect…


2 thoughts on “Not every meal is from a recipe book…

  1. Woohoo! So I’m NOT the only person who loves gravy on their broccoli! I actually love gravy on brassicas as a general rule. Roasted brussels sprouts with gravy, asparagus with gravy, cauliflower with gravy… mmm. I’m actually not sure what I like more – gravy, or brassicas. Heh.

    Have you done the overnight oats in a jar thing? During the summer I live on the stuff. I make two pots of it. One before I go to bed, to eat for breakfast – and then one right before I leave for work, to have as a late night snack. Oats, chia seeds, almond milk (or any other kind you want) and whatever add ins you want all tossed in a jar and eaten cold. I know it sounds vile, but it’s absolutely delicious. Mmm.


  2. Nom nom nom! I love broccoli lightly stir fried or steamed and tossed in a touch of sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds!

    Have you tried a Durham Hot Pot? Layer sliced potato and onion in a casserole and cover with slightly salted water (top with streaky bacon in the original – I don’t bother!), cook in a medium oven until done! (anything from an hour to 2 hours), I serve it with my seasonal veg of choice at the time.


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