Weekly weigh in – August 29, 2012

Tired and sweaty at sports centre track last night

The prunes did it! OH…OK well living on a 1940s ration diet almost free of processed foods and loaded with mostly chemical free fresh vegetables and fruit helped and the 20+ miles I’ve walked and ran during daily exercise and hiking this week too. I sure did put in a LOT of effort in this week!

BUT I have a result and the scales show 4 lbs off! I am VERY happy with this especially as I have been reducing for almost a year now..

I’m down to 226 lbs (16 stone) and feel soooooo much healthier and happier than I did a year ago. If it wasn’t for all the immigration stressors in my life at the moment I’d need an anchor and a heavy chain to stop my 46 year old carcass floating high up in the sky!

Last night, I went to the sports track after work to try and do some jogging NOT on the treadmill for once. It’s sooooo much harder to jog on land… everything bounced painfully from the flesh on my hips, my tummy and my breasts and my leg muscles stung. I did 3 km walking one lap and running one lap and repeated . I NEED to do more off treadmill work if I am to realize my goal of taking part in a 5K run …. I’ll get there

Thanks for listening… C xxxx

GOAL by October 1st, 2012: Live for one year using wartime food rations- 100 wartime recipes re-created- lose 100 lbs of fat

To date: 73 lb lost- 79 wartime recipes re-created


18 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in – August 29, 2012

    • Yes I’ll explain all soon about the immigration stressors… 😦 Just working to achieve stuff at the moment and get my ducks in a row. Regardless of the immediate problems, I’ve had a wonderful and huge response from the community in collecting letters of support for my permanent immigration plans. Canada is my home, I’ve lived and worked here and raised my children here for 8 years….. C xxx


  1. Walking/running on a treadmill versus on the ground is different because on a treadmill your muscles work to keep up with the machine, while on the ground they have to do the major work.
    If for any reason you cannot do much work off the treadmill just set a 3% to 5% inclination, the extra energy needed for that will equal the effort you’d need if you were on the ground. Or at least that’s what I have read. 😉


    • Yes I agree… I run at a 2 incline presently but I don’t think this is enough but it could also be that I was running faster on the track than the treadmill… I think I’ll do more off treadmill stuff and increase that incline again..it was quite a shock the difference!! Thanks so much for your advice! C xxx


  2. Good old prunes…..I don’t know why they’ve gone out of fashion….they are sweet, chewy, delicious and oh, so good for you! Will definitely try the prune flan! Keep up the great work…….so proud of you!


    • I love dates too! When I get a real sweet tooth craving I’ll have a few dates but YES prunes are really tasty and not at all nasty! C xxx


      • I’ve seen prunes marketed as “dried plums,” since that does not have the negative connotations that go along with the word “prunes.”


  3. I am coming back to this post to comment because this is the one that inspired me to hit the road. It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t pretty, but I have just completed my first ever 10k. Thanks, keep going.


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