Jogged one mile..

I take 30 minutes at lunchtime, most days, to exercise now. I’ve mentioned before we are lucky enough to have a gym, here at work, and the treadmill currently now my favourite instrument of torture.

A long time ago (roll back 30+ years) I was one of the schools long distance runners especially relishing “cross-country-running” where us young kids were sent out in the rainy and wet fields to run through bogs and along muddy tracks and come back covered head to toe in mud… that was before growing boobs and discovering boys and smoking.

That put and end to all that sort of stuff…

I stopped all forms of regular exercise when I had my first born, Jess. That was 23 years ago and now I see that this directly correlates with a steady weight gain and now I know that exercising is going to have to be part of my life forever more to stop me returning to my heaviest weight ever (345 lbs)…

Am I willing to accept this? HELL YES!

Today I ran a mile for the first time in 20+ years…

I did it sensibly, walked for 1 minute at 3 mph on the treadmill, then ran for 1 minute at 4 mph on the treadmill and just kept repeating that for 32 minutes… 16 of those minutes jogging at 4 mph.

It gave me SUCH A HIGH!!! My endorphins kicked in big time!!!

Am feeling so happy I can do this. How lucky I am…

C xxxxxxxxxxx

4 thoughts on “Jogged one mile..

  1. I sooooooo want to do a 5K and be able to jog slowly all the way 🙂 I’ll look into that!!! C xxxxx

  2. That’s quite a MILEstone! Well done. As an asthmatic I rely on WWII portion size rather than running. Again, congrats. 🙂

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