Weight-loss photos update

So I set my iPod to auto-photo and took the latest pic for the timeline- I don’t see that much difference from the one before at 255 lb except maybe confidence! I think now I’m just not going to take anymore piccys until I get to 199 lbs- that way I’ll see more difference.

Regardless… I am happy my weight is still on it’s way down!

C xxx

GOAL by October 1st, 2012:  Live for one year using wartime food rations- 100 wartime recipes re-created- lose 100 lbs of fat

To date: 64 lb lost- 75 wartime recipes re-created

8 thoughts on “Weight-loss photos update

  1. I see a big difference between the last two pictures, confidence aside! You have done such a great job, Carolyn. You are my inspiration on a daily basis. While you help yourself, know that you are helping so many others take steps to follow in YOUR footsteps. Thank you so much for allowing us on your journey!

  2. Congratulations, well done you! I agree with Marina and Stephany, I too see a difference. By-the-by, went to my Dr. yesterday and he was very impressed by my weight loss. He thinks this diet is strange but is impressed by the results, told me to keep at it. My blood pressure was perfect, still waiting on the lab results for the diabetes. So keep up the good work. I’ve been spreading the word about what you have accomplished. Can’t wait to try the new recipes.

    • Congrats to you too!!! I think as soon as you mention “wartime rationing” people (and that includes doctors) automatically think of deprivation etc etc. In reality it is just a way of eating that has tons of fresh veggies, low in meat and dairy and 90% devoid of modern chemically laden, high sodium, coloured and processed foods (that has to be a good thing right??)

      If you look on any Cancer website or health website we are told over and over to eat wholefoods/grains, lots of vegetables and leafy greens, small portions of meat and dairy and they even tell us to limit processed foods..

      No wonder your blood pressure is now perfect 🙂

      It feels good doesn’t it 🙂

      C xxxxxxxx

  3. Carolyn there is a big difference! You have to take into account that you are wearing a different type of top, one that clings in good ways! Also take a look at your face in this photo, you have much more definition in your cheeks and neck. I’m finding I’m losing weight in weird places like my feet (my sandals from last year keep falling off!) and inner thighs not wear I’d love to lose it, my tummy! It has come off there too but there was so much there to begin with so it takes longer.
    I haven’t started exercising yet, which I keep meaning to do but between the heat and running from ball field to ball field I just haven’t found the energy. I will start soon and hopefully make a rather large dent in my weight loss, maybe enough to lower some of my meds but I’m not yet holding my breath!
    Keep up the amazing work you’ll have lost all the weight soon and feel like the Super Woman that you are!
    Sending many hugs and lots of love your way to help with the hard days!
    Cathy <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you Cathy xxxx You are doing marvellously yourself and I really appreciate your comment! Hahaha YES feet! We never think feet get fat but they must do!!! C xxxx

  4. Thank you Carolyn, I agree it’s just doing what the “experts” have been preaching all along. I look at it this way…If it’s ‘stupid’ but it works, it ain’t stupid.

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