We are worth it!

Everyday I look for something motivational to read or watch…I feel this is hugely important process to stop me lapsing into over eating.

Quite often I’ll select a factual documentary, or it maybe someones blog and of course highly motivating before and after photos. But what has struck me on this journey, to make it really successful is to believe, most days, that just because we carry a large amount of extra weight doesn’t make us “bad” people..¬†We deserve to be loved and respected, just the way we are…

Losing weight is a life long journey. Sometimes we zoom along the highway, other times we have to take the back roads and find obstacles in our path…eventually the road clears, and sometimes we just run out of gas/petrol but even if its a long walk to the nearest gas station, there is always one there somewhere, where we can refuel and start up again.

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One thought on “We are worth it!

  1. I have just watched this video and I cried to see so many beautiful people hiding inside over large bodies. I cried even more to see the wonderful tranformations. Well done to each and every one of them.

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