The Shrinking Pirate

Left- July 2011 at about 315 lb. Right- July 2012 at about 240 lb.

I so need goddam motivation…

Life is throwing crap at me again and my thoughts are being devoured by potential problems on the horizon which can be very self-destructive. Luckily I am pretty good at not dwelling on these sort of feelings for long.

Yesterday, was full of distractions. I helped out at the Bridgewater Visitors Information Centre at their Pirate Day and did a promotion for “Oak Island Tours” as well as helping out with the little kids… yes I ended up cutting 30 slices of delicious smelling PIRATE CAKE and didn’t lick my fingers once! (oh did I mention the 3 giant pizzas in the room too? No? Well there were and not one slice did I take…you HATE me don’t you 🙂 )

The last couple of months have been hard for me as my weight loss has stagnated and my exercise regime has slipped somewhat…

I look in the mirror and most of the time do not see that I’ve made any progress at all. Although I feel MUCH BETTER, sometimes I only see the 80 lbs or more I still have to lose in the bigger picture and then I panic that I still have around 40 lbs to lose to get to my 100 lb in one year weight loss goal by October 1st.

So when I got home last night (I spent the evening at a BBQ and in a hall full of the most awesome musicians) I did some reflection and found some pictures taken this time last year of me in some of my pirate clothing and compared them with the ones taken yesterday. The realization was immediate- I really HAD lost weight and I MUST kick my ass from the gutter, stand up and CARRY ON!

TODAY, my employer, Lighthouse Media Group, is starting a new wellness campaign, and it involves getting lots of points for exercise and healthy eating. There is a prize at the end. I secretly WANT to win it and maybe this is just the thing to participate in to get my lazy butt into gear again…

Happy Sunday xxxxx

C xxxxxxx

18 thoughts on “The Shrinking Pirate

  1. You look fabulous!! Look at those legs and that smirk! You should feel a huge sense of accomplishment for all you have achieved, and I know that you will get to your goal.
    Check your email for another recipe I have fallen in love with 🙂 Maybe some new food will help keep your mind off other things.

  2. Legs looking awesome! That’s something I use for motivation… I try on my old jeans, realise I could almost fit another me in the other leg, I gloat over my smaller reflection, then begin my day. Sometimes we forget a bit of good old fashioned self love is the first step. That and a good bum hugging pair of well fitting jeans!

    • Thank you! Legs look better only at certain angles!! Wow! You have lost some weight to be able to nearly fit another you in a leg!!! Well done!!! C xx

  3. Carolyn, you are SMOKIN’!!! I know it sucks trying to stay positive (especially with tasty but forbidden foods looming seemingly EVERYWHERE), but take it from someone you don’t know from Adam — I CAN see the results of your hard work, and your efforts have definitely been worth it. You can win that prize, Pirate Queen — keep on truckin’!

    • Thanks so much Stephanie!!! I can see the difference for sure and my shirt is falling off me now!! I look a fright nekkid and have a LONG way to go but that’s OK xxxxxxx

  4. Heeheheee- thank ye all!!!! Arrrrrrrr! Will be takin no prisoners with this last 40 lbs of blubber. It has to be gone by October 1st so this part time pirate will be exercising every day until it be gone… 🙂 C xxx (Bawdy Betty)

  5. The difference in one year is amazing! You should be extremely proud of yourself. I don’t know how you stood in that small room with three pizzas looking at you, while you were cutting cake and have the will power to not eat either one! I wish I had an ounce of your determination. I have no doubt you will reach your goal! Good luck 🙂
    By the way, you were one sexy pirate on Saturday, Arrrr!

    • Thank you Angie xxxx I think being vegan for my own personal reasons delivered me from temptation on Saturday otherwise I’d have made some excuse to shove the childrens food down my throat!!! LOL! C xxxx

  6. Lazy? Who’s lazy? Certainly not you Carolyn. Everyone needs a rest now and then. And I know you will reach your goal. 40lb will be easy peasy after the hard work you have put in.

    • Thank you Jan!! I love you all so much leaving such nice comments… it is helping me so much xxxxxxxx

  7. Carolyn, you are ROCKIN’ that pirate look. Keep at it, girl. You’ve come so far and we all know you’ll keep going. Everyone needs a rest once in awhile. Now it’s time to kick butt again.

    • Thanks Lisa! It’s difficult to get going again but I know once I start moving it will be falling off me again C xxxxxxxx

    • That’s a really kind comment but it is just the very flattering angle… I’m a very chunky monkey with not much of a waist yet at all! BUT I think there is one under there and I WANT to get it back!!! Thanks Jerry xxxxx

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