Ughhhh- 5 lbs on!

This weekend I took a mini-vacation and enjoyed some time away, by the sea, with a friend. I made food to take with me, lots of vegan food but it wasn’t 1940s…I decided that it was important to have a proper break in all aspects.

I made a tofu and spinach salad topped with a mango thai dressing, a mango and coconut thai curry with spiced rice (it also had egg plant and zucchini and LOTS of coconut cream) and finally, to finish, a lemon and poppy seed vegan cheesecake.

(this was a delicious recipe. I added a whole lemon zest to the topping and an extra spoonful of agave nectar to the topping too,  to mask the taste of the soy cream (ikk).. recipe can be found here)

In addition there were organic corn chips with black beans and a hummus dip..

And then there was wine.. lots of wine… lots and lots of wine.

Feeling refreshed after having such a nice break, it was time to face the music this morning and i jumped on the weighing scales. 5 lbs on…… ( I now weigh 242lbs on my home scale). Possibly a temporary weight gain but nevertheless.

So this morning I’m all 1940’d up and raring to go. This is just a blip… however it now means I have to lose 43 lbs in 13 weeks to get to my goal within the year. I LOVE a challenge 🙂

Have a great day!!

C xxxxxxxxx

7 thoughts on “Ughhhh- 5 lbs on!

    • Thanks Louise…Oh I’ll do it!! I won’t fail!! 🙂 And I intend to develop something really quite exciting based on the experiment 🙂 C xxxx

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