This evening I walked 5 miles

Today I walked 5 miles, at a moderate/brisk pace, non-stop.

It was the longest distance I have walked, without stopping, in the past 20 years and I did it without back pain, I did it with a smile on my face.

For anyone who is restricted by their weight and cannot exercise or walk without severe pain, you will understand about my milestone today. You will understand that being able to walk 5 miles is just about the best thing one could ever wish for.

I went to the track to try and walk 3 miles but when I reached 3 miles I wanted to get to 4 miles so I kept on walking and then at 28 laps, when I had walked 4 miles I wanted to walk 5 miles, so again I just kept going and when I got to 5 miles the “sports centre” was getting ready to shut up for the night so I stopped…

I’m feeling so shocked but elated tonight that I managed to walk that far, I really just want other people to know, who are restricted by their weight like I was, just how good this feels and all it took was 5 months of my life, losing 51 lbs and walking a little bit more every day.

Am VERY emotional about this tonight. I REALLY want you to know what it feels like.

Much love and hugs

C xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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  1. Congratulations! That’s a big deal and you deserve to be elated! Do you have a time limit to meet next? Like, 5 miles in 30 minutes or something? You’re doing so well, keep at it!

    • It took me 1.5 hrs to walk 5 miles walking at a moderate/lower brisk pace… from now on I’m going to walk an hour each session with perhaps once a week a day where I push myself to beyond the 5 miles or probably try and decrease the time it takes to walk 5 miles as that will give me a better aerobic exercise. Just so excited!! Thanks for leaving a comment xxxxx C

  2. That is excellent! That is such a big deal!

    I just started walking again, and I was SHOCKED at how hard it was. I am about 70 pounds over where I want to be and it has been a while since I had exercised. I walked two miles and I could tell my legs weren’t use to being used. Thank goodness we got a dog last weekend or I’d still be sitting on my bum!!

    Not sure if you know this website or not, . You type in your location at the top, zoom in and then click start recording. It then allows you to plot your path on the map and tells you the distance. I find ti very helpful, so I thought I might pass it along.

  3. @ Marina – just visited the website you recommended above – what a great resource! I’ve just measured my three favourite walking lanes and no longer have to guess (4.8, 5.0 and 5.6 miles – no wonder I need a gallon of water afterwards)! Thank you!

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    I’ve been “lurking” on your blog for some time now, enjoying sharing the pleasure you’re feeling from dieting with such success. As a long time walker, I am delighted with your accomplishment–5 miles is nothing to sneeze at. You must be thrilled . In turn, I’m delighted with the website that Marina mentioned. I’ve already mapped all my favorite routes. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  5. @owl wood and June, Your welcome! I’m glad you find it as useful as I have. I used to drive my car around to check distance, but that didn’t work for park trails. I actually fell across it while searching for pedometers.

  6. “but in my mind Iā€™m still a care free, happy-go luck 16 year old” Ha! I’m 44 but in my head, I’m still around 28. Those wrinkles around my eyes are always a bit of a surprise in the mirror…. šŸ™‚

    But as Mary said above, people are attracted to those with a happy attitude. Think about it, sure Johnny Depp is beautiful but really, who do you find appealing on a daily basis? Those who are funny, intelligent, kind, fun to be around. Those are the people who have staying power in our lives.

    You are doing great! Thanks for continuing to share your ups and downs.

  7. That’s great! Go Girl! It’s how I’ve lost 45 kg in just over a year; healthy food and lots of walking. I remember how proud I was when I walked for an hour non-stop when before I thought from the sofa to the front door was a long way…
    Keep going!

    • Thanks Kees- you will know just how PROFOUND that feeling becomes when suddenly the simplest thing, that most take for granted, like walking anywhere without thinking, becomes a reality in your life. I’ve wept several times …

      Will never take walking for granted, ever

      C xx

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