The 60 Day Fitness Challenge- Part 2

Haha- today my employers are running an article in the Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin tonight,  on a group of us at work that participated in a 60 Day Fitness Challenge here at work… 17 of us did it and 11 were successful in sticking to what they had agreed to do whether it was a change in diet or a form of exercise. They used my before and after shots in the article… yeeee gawds. It’s a good job I really don’t give a poop anymore what people think of me… (one of the delightful things that happen with age)

This blog is linked in the article so if you were interested in reading about the 60 Day Fitness Challenge and how I managed to drop 32lbs in 60 days …please click this link (this is my other blog)

And yesterday my employers, Lighthouse Media Group, started up The 60 Day Fitness Challenge- Part 2 (Losers vs Dropouts) and many of us have signed up again to continue the good work into the new year.

Happy New Year everyone… hope that 2012 will be a happy one for all..

I’ll be back soon with my 1940s recipes and more 1940s updates

C xxxxx



4 thoughts on “The 60 Day Fitness Challenge- Part 2

  1. Well done on the weight loss so far. I too have been considering a wartime diet. My mum was only 2 years old when the war began and I love listening to all the stories of how they stretched every little bit of food. Times were hard and they did go hungry at times but everyone was so slim back then and I do think we can all learn a valuable lesson on eating healthily and frugally.
    You are proving the case with your diet, keep up the good work for yourself and the advice you are passing on to others.
    I am now heading to your recipies for some ideas. Diet begins Monday so better get cracking.

    Best wishes

    • Thanks Carol! I think basically the wartime diet is a good basis for using foods such as meat and dairy sparingly while increasing the consumption of vegetables and wholegrains. Also practically obliterating junk/processed foods and drinks. It makes good sense!

      Good luck with your journey xxxx

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