Vegetable and Oatmeal Goulash

I made this authentic wartime recipe today. I have to admit I dismissed this recipe several times simply because it sounded so dull… BUT let me assure you it is anything but! If you are like me and love vegetables and love comfort food and it’s cold outside… this will hit the spot.

Looking in my fridge I could see root vegetables staring back at me, purchased before Christmas, that needed putting out of their misery, so I used them. This is an incredibly frugal recipe and for lunch will feed four served with a big chunk of fresh bread…


Vegetable and Oatmeal Goulash

  • 1-2 lb of mixed root vegetables ( I used 1 large potato, 2 parsnips, 2 large carrots)
  • knob of dripping (I used a vegan shortening)
  • 2 oz of coarse oatmeal (porridge oats will do)
  • 1 tsp of meat extract (I used Marmite)
  • 1 pt of vegetable stock
  • mixed herbs, salt and pepper


  1. Prepare and dice the vegetables
  2. Fry in dripping until slightly cooked
  3. Add oatmeal and keep stirring until fat is absorbed
  4. Cover with vegetable stock until covered and simmer until vegetables are soft and mixture is real thick (about 45 mins)
  5. Mix in meat extract when cooking
  6. Mix in herbs, salt and pepper to taste when cooking

Serve with a nice big chunk of fresh bread. I served mine with Irish Soda Bread (recipe to come!)

18 thoughts on “Vegetable and Oatmeal Goulash

  1. Being a veggie I regually make stews like this but use plain flour to thicken. Oats sounds a little more healthy, will try that next time.

    • Hi Jan- The amount of oats was very little- I think it was cooking for a long time that reduced the liquid and made it a nice thick goulash (not forgettings the mushy potato). It really was delicious but then again I am a veggie and stodginess lover! xxxxxxx

  2. hello yet anthor great recipe going give this one a try this week like how frugal it is one question do you think it would work in a slowcooker
    many t hanks

  3. Hi Raymond – the best results need this to be simmered uncovered so it thickens up nicely… while I’m sure it would cook just fine in a slow cooker a more rapid uncovered cooking method is needed to achieve the right consistency… C xx

  4. I made this up recently and it came out just great. I skipped the Marmite and used an Au Jus concentrate in water for the veggie stock. I let it cook uncovered until all was tender and the sauce was thickened. I served it over a thick slice of Wartime Loaf. It was delicious and made for plenty of left overs to take to work the next couple days

    • I couldn’t believe how tasty this was either… a real stick to the ribs recipe for a cold day 🙂 I may have to make this again this weekend!!xxxx

  5. Great goulash recipe! Made it last night. I cooked the recipe to feed me and hubby. In mine i added tomato paste, it definitely makes for a nice thicker consistency. I also used chili flavored diced tomatoes and added a dash of chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper. YUM!

  6. This really is delicious! I made it tonight for my family. I didn’t have parsnips, but I did have sweet potatoes, which worked brilliantly, and it was definitely a big hit! This will become a winter regular in our house, as it was so simple to make. Thanks C 🙂

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  8. Hi Carolyn,

    Long time reader and commenter. Just wanted to let you know that some of the recipes that you’ve posted have become staples in my meal planning routine– especially this one!

    Thanks, and all the best in 2017!

  9. I love it!
    And I tried this In a pie, I love all the wrong things… but it is great.
    I use oats, to be lazy, in a curry, instead of rice and that’s good too, and good for my purse🤗

  10. This looks great! In India they have Masala oatmeal.. it has tomatoes and spices.. I was hesitant to try it.. but I guess oatmeal doesn’t have to be just a sweet breakfast 🙂

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