Weight Loss Photos

Gawd how I hate putting these up but I guess now I’m down to 267 lbs (or 19 st 7 lbs) unclothed on my home scales I guess I’d better add another one to the ones above to HOPEFULLY see a difference… (I have some truly awful photos I’ll share one day when I feel comfortable enough to do so!!)

I’ll fully update my “Weight Loss Photos Page” on Sunday too

C xxxx

7 thoughts on “Weight Loss Photos

  1. Intriguing concept, I must read more of what you are trying but when I think of 1940’s rations I think Spam (the kind in a can). This could not possibly be healthy. Good luck with your journey and congrats on your bravery posting it for the world to view.


    • You are right… Spam wasn’t and isn’t healthy!!!! BUT I think we have to remember that a family may have only been able to afford enough points maybe every two weeks or so to have 1 can. The overall diet during the 1940s had lots of vegetables and complex carbs with limited amounts of meat, dairy, cheese and was mostly wholefoods with only small amounts of processed foods… xxxxxx


  2. I can understand how difficult it is to look at photos of yourself when you’re not fond of your body (been there, done that!), but these are seriously inspiring! You’re doing amazingly, whilst educating your readers about nutrition, willpower, cookery and simple living.

    For what little I’m sure it’s worth, I’m really impressed. I think you’re doing amazingly!


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