32 lb lost in 60 days

60 days ago my employer started a heath and fitness initiative at work called the 60 day fitness challenge. We had to commit to making a change for 60 days (such as a particular form of exercise or/and a healthy eating plan etc), stick to it, record all our foods, water intake, exercise and thoughts in a booklet and also take our measurements and weight before and after….

I committed to walking for 40 minutes each day (6 days a week) and decided to follow a vegan diet. (this has worked really well in finding out how vegans must have coped during WWII with the already limited rations and how they would have adapted recipes)

Instead of my meat, cheese and milk rations I’ve had lentils, split peas, nuts and almond milk (vegans during WWII would have probably used nuts to make a nut milk. Almond milk has been used since the middle ages as it keeps much better without refrigeration) and instead of butter/margarine I’ve used Earth Balance (an organic soy based vegan margarine)

Above all I’ve pretty well cut all junk/processed food out of my life, I don’t buy alcohol (so rarely drink it) as my budget doesn’t allow it (although I’ll drink all the alcohol I am offered at a friends house!), have eaten huge amounts of fresh vegetables and lots of fruit and generous portions of complex carbs such as sweet and regular potatoes, organic oatmeal etc.

I know this seems like a lot of deprivation, it is, BUT I know myself the person I am and keeping away from trigger foods is the only way I cope with my food addiction… over time I hope to moderate this behaviour but for now austerity works for me ¬†PLUS the fact that this is providing me with a wonderful insight into the real adaptation people had to make with rationing during WWII

I’ve also averaged around 2000 cals per day but NEVER deprived myself of food…. trust me I eat platefuls!

So the final low down….

60 days ago I weighed in at 299 lbs (home scales unclothed)

This morning I weighed in 267 lbs

TOTAL LOSS in 60 days  = 32 lbs

I’m happy, it’s a great start and now the hard work begins….!

5 thoughts on “32 lb lost in 60 days

  1. cor that is great!
    I’ve been doing a week on WW2 rations with my 8 year old (as he is doing WW2 at school) and it’s going well so far (day 4). I seem to be losing weight even though I feel like I am eating lots of sugar and carbs. It’s very low fat though! I’m blogging here http://www.whataworld.co.uk/?p=238.
    My son eats fish but no meat so we have substitued smoked salmon for the bacon allowance, the logic being that you can cook with it in much the same way. I’d be happy with pulses but I can’t find any ww2 recipes that use them – usually if I’m feeling fat and I’m poor I make dahl. I’ve been eating veg soup every day but I’d love to stick some beans or pulses in there so any vegan WW2 recipes you have would be much appreciated.

  2. Congratulations. To lose 32lls in 60 days is fantastic. You must be feeling proud of yourself. Keep walking.

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