Being kissed by the sun…

This morning my youngest daughter Em & I took our beagle (Pickle) for a long, long walk.

The air was cold, there was a little ice on the ground and the sun was shining. I walked the 1/4 mile down our private lane briskly, smiling and realized when I got to the bottom my back hadn’t hurt once and I was not out of breath in any shape or form. We continued along the main road. Pickle was really excited, after-all his ‘Mummy’ had NEVER taken him for a walk on the lead this far in his entire life!

I saw a sign in the distance… “I wonder what that says Em?” so we walked even further.. It was an advertising sign for cottage builders but next to it was a track down to the waters edge (we have a huge lake at the end of our lane- it’s beautiful!) which seemed to be a public launch ramp so you could take your canoe or dinghy on a trailer and put it in the water. I’ve lived here several years and never knew it existed simply because I’ve never been able to walk that far.

We headed back home and every joyous step of freedom made my smile a little wider as I took in the autumnal foliage colours (mostly lying on the ground now), the smell of the pine forest (which surrounds me) and the sound of the deer crunching through the fallen twigs. I stopped to let Pickle drink from the ice cold stream water… I swear there was a big smile on his face.

Even walking back home, the gradient against me, I still could have walked further.

Call me over emotional but that walk filled my being with gladness for what I have, how beautiful my surroundings are and how the most satisfying of pleasures are the ones that we take for granted everyday. I did indeed shed a few tears as the warm sun rays kissed my face.

If I had not lost the 25 lbs I have done this past couple of months today would never have happened.

C xxxxx

14 thoughts on “Being kissed by the sun…

  1. Well done Caroline, so proud of you.

    Its Jan, I used to be on the ACL site many moons ago.

    Things will only improve the more weight you lose. For me its more about the health gains than looks. It being capable of moving and enjoying life more and not aching all the time and the effort it is to move.

    Well done again..

    • Hiya Jan!!! How are you? What have you been up to?

      Yes- you are soooo right. I never knew how miserable I was with the pains until they start to lift ….. just this last 25 or 30 lbs has made a huge difference… can’t wait to find out what it feels like after the next 30!!!

      C xxxx

  2. Congratulations, Caroline. Something in you post prompts me to recommend a film, if you haven’t seen it. Dean Spanley is a wonderful film for dog lovers. It’s funny and charming and provides a plausible insight (I think) to the mind of a dog. I loved it and it’s available on Netflix instant watch, if you have it.

    • Hi Lili- Oooo I have never heard of that but will definitely try and locate and watch…I have Netflix here in Canada so I’ll see if we have it- thanks!

      C xxx

  3. Loved loved Loved this post Caroline! You are a true testament to hard work and dedication and how it can change our lives. So often we sit inside looking for motivation when sometimes, its as simple as putting on our shoes and rediscovering what nature has to offer. Great job on your success to date and beyond!

    • THANK YOU Stacey…. that perfect walk spoke to me in sooo many ways. I can’t explain. We inhabit a truly beautiful planet. xxxxxxxx

    • Thanks Lisa…..I’ve never had a simple walk make me cry before. Felt a little foolish but obviously it was a profound experience for me. It’s like waking up with great eyesight!

      C xxx

  4. Hi Caroline, I started my own dog walking business 2 years ago, never going to be a millionaire but that lovely feeling of walking a dog in the fresh air and hopefully getting fitter, there’s nothing like it!! So pleased and happy for you that you are doing so well!!!
    Love Gx

    • Thank you so much Margaret…. although above all the blog is therapy for me the comments people leave are so encouraging it makes me so happy :)… xxxxxxx

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