Ugly Christmas Sweater Day and FOOD

Me, Tanya, Barbara, Kim and Jana!

Today at work was “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day”….. there were truly some hideous reminders of Christmas past. I bought my Christmas top from my local secondhand store (as did pretty much everyone else)…

Unfortunately, being the BIG girl means that most of christmas clothing would never have fitted me even if I’d stretched it secretly in the bathroom, with all my strength. In the end I picked a sweatshirt that looked kind of cute- not too hideous at all. A trip to the dollar store ensured that it was festooned with tackiness and 20 pompoms, a garland of tinsel, some bows with bells and a penguin christmas stocking later it looked a little more hideous.

There have been some truly awful Christmas sweaters today…. but these have caused much mirth and laughter is the best form of medicine and it has been a really fun day at work.

I still find it difficult to look at myself in photos. I just see a fat girl who wants to be a less fatter girl. I am noticing a difference but my journey will continue to be long and treacherous! 

The kitchen at lunch time was treacherous… mulled apple cider, caramel popcorn, meatballs, christmas cookies and cakes all on the main table, available for anyone to enjoy. Instead I made a huge healthy lunch and stuffed myself with that. I know by just having a mouthful of forbidden food would send me in a downward spiral….. that’s the problem with food addiction!

It’s been a great day so far!

Merry Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

C xxxxxx

PS Want to see the rest of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters? You can see the album on this Facebook page

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