Farmhouse Scramble (version 1)

So OK- I am sorry the photo looks like vomit…

I did try to improve it’s nauseous qualities in photoshop but unfortunately I am unable to work miracles. I will have to just live with the plain truth of the fact that the Farmhouse Scramble (1) recipe in the book “Feed the Nation” by Marguerite Patten OBE is one of the less attractive home front recipes.

As it tastes somewhat nicer than vomit I will forgive her..

Farmhouse Scramble (version 1)

  • 8 oz mixed raw vegetables grated
  • 2 eggs (reconstituted dried eggs)
  • 1/2 oz margarine
  • salt and pepper


Melt the margarine in a saucepan.

Add the veggies and heat until lightly cooked

Beat up the eggs with the seasoning and then pour over the hot veggies and mix until scrambled lightly

Serve with potatoes or in a sandwich or on toast!

(1940sexperiment tip: I would add onions or chopped leeks to the veggie mix)

PS: I am thinking that there are a number of visitors to my blog who are interested in food and frugality. You maybe interested in a recipe I cooked today for ‘Fabby & Frugal Breakfast Muffins’. The ingredients I used were available in my ration but because I couldn’t find a recipe for muffins during WWII I just couldn’t post it in my blog as an authentic recipe- CLICK HERE to check it out!

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11 thoughts on “Farmhouse Scramble (version 1)

  1. Well I ate it all in one sitting with some mash potato BUT in reality I guess it would be shared between two with some veggies/meat as a main dish or on toast or in sandwiches between two or three as a snack..

    It uses 2 eggs so that’s quite a lot for one person (2 weeks ration) so it would have ben shared for sure!!

    C xx

    • Personally I would add chopped raw veggies instead, like different color sweet peppers, onions a/o leeks, celery, cilantro and maybe some fennel for a mysterious flavor, instead of starchy veggies like potatoes and carrots. I think the starchy veggies might have given your dish that odd color/look look but I would eat it anyway though I dont care too much for carrots and potatoes cooked with eggs, personal preference.

  2. It looks decidedly green in the picture but it also looks very healthy. I think you’ll be well on your way to losing the holiday weight noshing on yummy stuff like that!

    • Yes hopefully I will if I can stop eating so many stodgy desserts with a litre of birds custard poured over!! C xx

  3. i agree with chubby girl – it does NOT look like vomit – in crete, we make a similar meal with egg and vegetables, adding grated tomato – delish!

  4. I actually agree with u it’s do look like vomit however I’m doing a WW2 project at school and the farmhouse scramble everyone seemed to enjoy!

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