Week 12 weigh in – 3 lbs off!

Being attacked by dogs and high school children and rapidly running out of time before having to leave for work (and I still have to pluck my chin hairs) so just a very quick update for now..

A day late with my weigh in this week but it’s very good news- 3 lb off!!!

I’ll do all the full calculations later but I’m down to 282 lbs – can hardly believe it!!!!

C xx

6 thoughts on “Week 12 weigh in – 3 lbs off!

  1. Congratulations on another positive week! I’ve been reading your blog for several weeks and every entry is a BIG inspiration for my own struggles. Keep up the good work…slow and steady wins THIS race.

  2. Thanks so much Lillian and Karen!!!!!!!!!

    Could hardly believe it- am so used to losing 2 or 1 or the occasional nothing that 3 lbs off feels fabby!! Just what I needed for some motivation….. celebrated today by taking a power walk (a walk that is actually faster than an amble) with my friend Jana at work- waahayyy!!!

    I wish you both lots of luck on your journeys too!!!!!!!

    C xx

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