Being less fat means you can do stuff…

carolyn350smallToday I marched for climate change…. if this event had taken place just three months earlier I would have had to have shown my support from just the confines of my home hooked up to my lap top computer.

I am discovering that being less fat gives you more choices. I may have only lost 30 lbs and realistically have another 120 lbs to go BUT just three months ago it was very painful to walk just the length of the garden as well as stand for any time period. In stores, because of the pain in my back, obviously caused by the huge amount of extra weight being carried around my middle (and all over) I would find relief in pushing a cart (shopping trolley) as this gave some relief by leaning on it ( I bet there are others that have discovered that trick too!) … kind of get used to those discomforts over the years.

So having lost 30 lbs I find I can now walk 1/2 mile and stand indefinately and today I was able to march for climate change as part of, in the cold, pouring rain……..Not even the weather could dampen my enthusiasm- it was a very happy day for me.

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7 thoughts on “Being less fat means you can do stuff…

  1. You look great!

    I had the same happy moment last year. We would try to hike up a local mountain. At my top weight, I would have to stop every couple of minutes and I would feel like my heart was about to explode. After I lost around 25 pounds, I was able to do the hike non-stop.

    It keeps getting better and better as more of the weight comes off, you have a lot to look forward to, so keep that in mind if you start to feel at all discouraged.

    I know I suggested exercise to you way back when you started and it sounded unappealing. The truth is that it never gets appealing but it does get way easier. 😉

  2. Hey it really shows that 25 lb can make a lot of difference health wise if you can now hike straight up without having to gasp for breath!!!

    Your suggestion of exercise is an very important one….I do try and walk more now but still am definately not doing as much as I should…I asked about her exercise regime and she said that she simply started walking for that first year of losing weight….apart from swimming (and lets face it am unlikely to get the guts to bare all in a cossie!!) I think walking is about the best and safest exercise when massive amounts of weight have to be lost..

    Thanks for the encouragement…I am going to write up an exercise plan and stick to it!!

    C xx

  3. Hey thanks Tiffany for leaving a comment and yes it was such a thrill to be part of the event rather than being a virtual bystander

    C xxx

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