“Lest we forget…”

Comrade Leonard Harmes- A British gentleman who remembers some of his WWII experiences. Despite his bravado please take note at 4 minutes in how he relives how frightened he felt on that night 70 years ago… Please click through to watch as well as a series of WWII veteran interviews

So I’ve been up since 5 am listening to the storm outside and my mind has been wandering..

I’ve been imagining how awful it must have been for young soldiers (British, German, American, Canadian etc) having to fight and their families at home living through uncertainty and hardship especially those who were under attack.

Here I am lying in bed, nice and warm, safe. How can one comprehend what it really was like to hear air raid sirens, bombs, gunfire, cries and screams and never know if you would live to see the end of the day you thankfully woke up to that morning…

We must never forget these things because they must never happen again…

And here was a message I woke up to this morning on Facebook. I thought it was a wonderful idea…

FACEBOOK 1940sExperiment

SAUL: Im planning Ration book Saturday this weekend to commemorate Armistice day with my 6 year old daughter. No TV, no sweets, just radio and breakfast,lunch and maybe dinner made from what we would have had from the ration book and the garden. It should hopefully show her how lucky she and how people had to make do. We will do all sorts of things connected with WW1 and 2 to give her an appreciation of how things were. I hope it is a valuable experiment and life lesson for her.

1940sExperiment I think that is WONDERFUL! May I suggest that part of the experience could be listening to some of the sounds like Air raid sirens and bombing raids (scroll down page)  http://www.1940.co.uk/history/sound/sound.htm or listen to some sounds of the 1940s on http://www.1940sukradio.co.uk/ Please come back and tell us how it went xxx