Veganism in the 1940’s

My 22 year old daughter gave me THE TALK last night…

Last time she gave me the talk was when she was 4 and I was 27… she expressed her concern about losing her Mummy to cancer if I continued to smoke. Seeing how much this concerned my oh so young daughter I did the only thing any parent would do and I immediately gave up smoking. 18 years later I have never once had another cigarette…

Jess has expressed her concern about my weight before, on and off, but last night as we sat and talked, I could see in her eyes just how much this was distressing her. She asked me how my weight loss was going… how was I sticking to my 1940s Experiment. I truthfully told her, it comes and goes. I’ll have good days and bad days… On the good days I’m motivated and follow everything 100% according to my various 1940s recipes from books and from what I have collected over the years. On bad days I’ll eat a good breakfast and a healthy lunch and then it will all go to pot and I’ll grab the crisps (chips) from the gas station or stuff my face with Green and Blacks Maya Organic Chocolate or just graze on mindless calories here at work (my weakness is organic raisins and almonds)……

I’m not really very focused am I…..

If truth be known I am very scared… very scared of something awful happening that will leave my children without a mother. And then I feel so very angry at myself when improving my health is not a priority in my mind… it is some days but not always.

This should be a priority ….

Her talk sealed some deep thinking I had been doing over the past couple of weeks about life, about health, about our short existence on our beautiful planet.

I LOVE life… I love the way our experiences shape us. Even the bad and sad experiences we can learn from… that’s the way I look at things. I am an eternal optimist. If life throws shit at me then hey shit can be cleaned up, it may take a while but with persistence you can see through the window again and the view is truly beautiful.

And over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about Veganism… I’ve started doing research of Vegetarians and Vegans during WWII.

The ethics of factory farming have always bothered me so partially this lead me to doing research of Veganism but mostly the research I am doing absolutely points to a well balanced Vegan diet being extremely good for your health, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and above all feeling at peace with ones self over the choices you make.

On October 1st I’ll be doing an 8 week health challenge and part of that challenge will be to stick to a 100% vegan diet… ┬áit will be very interesting creating 1940’s vegan recipes!

I think it’s important to experience things in life …

I want to keep living it!

C xxxxxx