Today it’s ‘Time to Remember’…


I’m not sure I believe in war..

The more I think about it the more I think it’s a terrible, terrible thing. I think about war a lot and I think about how all over our world it has effected every day families regardless of colour or creed.

So today I’ll be thinking about all the sorrow and tragedy war had caused to so many people and how this has happened to people on every continent of our planet and equally so regardless of nationality.

Above all I’ll be thinking of the BRAVE men and women who have taken part in a war and lived through it or given their lives and the BRAVE families at home battling to keep their children safe and fed.

We have to watch their faces and their eyes for indications of their memories and when they speak we have to listen to what they say (or don’t say ) very carefully.

Please take a little part of your day to watch these 3 minute videos of war veterans in our local community, filmed by my work colleague Tim.

It’s Time to Remember….

CLICK HERE and then click on ‘Veterans Videos’