Steaming a wartime Christmas pudding

I’m 46 years old and today is the FIRST time in my entire life I’ve made a Christmas pudding and steamed any sort of pudding.

How can I have lived 46 years and not done either of these?

This maybe because

a) I haven’t got a pudding bowl
b) I haven’t got a pressure cooker or a large saucepan with a secure lid
c) Steaming puddings seems to take hours and hours and hours
d) It seems such a FAFF!

But I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to make a proper authentic wartime Christmas pudding this year so it was time to just get on with it this morning and find ways to adapt what I have.

photo (25)

I found a large deeper than normal dessert bowl which I greased well and put the mixture in, then I covered it in foil and then tied string all the way around and made a string handle so I could remove it from the saucepan easily later on

photo (24)

I used my huge big saucepan/pot and placed some crumpled up foil in the bottom before placing my pudding on top of it. The water came half way up the side of the dessert bowl

photo (26)

Once the water was simmering I covered the top of the pot in foil and placed a heavy saucepan on top

Now I have to keep my fingers crossed for the next 4 hours.

I’m pretty excited!!!

C xxxxx

PS The BBC has a good little video on how to steam a pudding and I used some of the tips from it