Will eating a diet based on wartime rations save you money?

I took a look at my pre-1940s diet… I was not only shocked to see how many calories I was consuming as well as the high fat content but also the amount of processed foods too. As if that wasn’t enough I couldn’t believe that I was spending over $15 a day on food JUST FOR ME!  I struggle financially like any other single Mom out there with children at home and one wage coming in, so my budget is a very important part of me being able to get by. When I made changes to the way I ate it not only helped me to lose weight and feel a lot healthier but there is now more money in my purse which helps pay the bills… on average I am nearly $10 better off per day which is a $5000 saving per year and over half my food is now organic and mostly wholefoods…
This summer I will strive to finally plant my Victory Garden – how awesome would it be to pick homegrown fresh organic vegetables on my way to work every morning…

My average day before the 1940s Experiment =  $15.75 (3600 cals)

Breakfast: 3 slices toast with butter and some slices of cheese $1.00 (700 cals)
Snack: Extra large coffee from Tim Hortons with double cream $1.75 (100 cals)
Lunch: Buy a packet of sandwiches- tuna and mayonnaise $3.50 (500 cals)
Snack: Extra large coffee from Tim Hortons + small bag of chips + chocolate bars $4.00 (700 cals)
Dinner: Large beef lasagna with extra cheese + a salad with dressing $4.00 (1200 cals)
Supper: Milk and cookies x 4 $1.50 (400 cals)

My average day during the 1940s Experiment =  $6.00 (2025 cals)

Breakfast: 1 dry cup of organic oatmeal 25 c (300 cals)
Snack: Piece of organic fruit and a few raw organic nuts if available 75c (150 cals)
Lunch: Large semi-organic salad with leaf greens + various raw veggies and some organic kidney beans + a baked potato $2.00 (500 cals)
Snack: Piece of organic fruit 50 c (75 cals)
Dinner: A veggie based meal from wartime recipe book or a veggie stew inc a little pastry or potatoes or rice $1.50 (600 cals)
Supper: Glass of almond milk and a couple of slices of toast with a vegan organic margarine and marmite $1.00 (400 cals)
How do you economize?
C xxxx