Walking my ass off for cancer

“Team Lighthouse” will once again be walking their asses off to raise awareness and raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society at an annual event called “Relay of Life”. Our fearless leader, Laurenda Reeves, has been dedicated to this event for 8 years (I know she’ll hate me putting this but it’s my blog so there..!) and once again she has been recruiting her co-workers and we now have a team..

For me and my children, cancer has hit very close to home in this past year. I won’t be naming the person whose life has been turned upside down by this cruel disease BUT he does not deserve to have it. He is a good person…… Now he is a scared person, someone in pain and someone who has been told he will die and he is too young to die. THAT is the reality and that is so very, very sad…

But there is ALWAYS hope…

Losing weight and now being able to walk again is enabling me to be part of the “Lighthouse Team” for the very first time and I dedicate my participation in the “Relay for Life” to him and his disease. Our team will walk for 12 hours during the night, in a continuous relay, to raise awareness of cancer and to remember those taken by cancer and celebrate the survivors of cancer. In return we will, I’m sure, come away truly inspired by the stories of courage & survival..

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Thank you  xxxxxxxxx C