Friday night is treat night…!

beerandeggI ALWAYS look forward to Friday nights. Before I started eating 1940’s style it was because Friday is treat night in our household and for me that would invariably mean PIZZA and VINO and a movie on the box (TV)..

Now as I am eating a 1940’s ration diet 100% of the time means my treats have to come from my weekly ration. Would I have some of my sweety/candy ration- after all I still have half a bag of toffee’s in my cupboard that have been there for a week (I amaze myself!), or would I cook some cakes or make some mock cream to spread on a scone with a big blob of strawberry jam on top?

NO….I tell you what I was looking forward to more than anything (yes- even more than the bottle of English Style beer I had with it) and that was a simple EGG! Seriously and absolutely…I mean it! Eggs were rationed strictly to one fresh shell egg per week per person, ┬áduring the 1940’s (you could get more by keeping your own chickens or by buying dried egg powder). Above all else I have found only having one egg per week the most difficult..

You see it is a big decision to make. By eating my one egg, for the rest of the week, I cannot use egg in any of my recipes. So having a freshly boiled egg mashed on top of three slices of hot buttery toast tonight, really was an extravagant treat!

And it tasted all the better for it!