Saturday – Food diary


I’m off out somewhere exciting tomorrow. To the ‘On the Home-Front‘ event at Rufford Abbey!  I’ll be walking and catching a bus and taking sandwiches with me to enjoy spending 4 or 5 hours walking around with my jaw dragging along the ground…. so there won’t be a food diary tomorrow but there WILL be photos!

I’ve had a very satisfying food menu today.  As usual I started off with 2 oz (measured dry) of porridge oats made with water and sweetened with 1 teaspoon of summer berry jam (watered down with a few teaspoons of boiling water) drizzled over the top.



For lunch I had one of may favourite quickies and that was two slices of bread, spread with margarine and sprinkled with a few dry herbs and salt and gently browned in a pan and served with ripe, sliced tomato



I’m trying to perfect my Lord Woolton Pie recipe for the 1940s Supper Club. Not so much the recipe itself but how much I’d need to cook to feed 10 people and what could I prepare the day before and just how much washing up there will be!! Today’s pie was very tasty and I served it with a thick gravy.



For pudding I had what is called ‘Coconut Cream’ and I bought some raspberries at the vegetable market this morning so sprinkled a few of those on. It was surprisingly quite delicious!



FINALLY.. I made myself a t-shirt for the ‘On the Home Front’ event tomorrow. It would have been lovely to get all dressed up for the event but as I live in t-shirts and yoga pants and my only 1940s vintage style dress is still 3 sizes too small, the least I could do was wear some wartime propaganda style attire.

It was easy! A cheap black t-shirt and some t-shirt transfer paper and a quick print off of my favourite iconic image.


Have a lovely evening. See you tomorrow

C xxxx