Middleton Medley 91/100

I’m on countdown to my 100th re-created wartime recipe.

Through the course of the year I’ve taken authentic WW2 home-front recipes and cooked them and ate them as part of living on rations for 1 year to see what effect this would have on my health. Would I lose weight? Would my high blood pressure resolve itself? How difficult would it be? Was the food goddam awful or surprisingly good? Was it cheaper eating a diet of wholesome food cooked from scratch? I’ll share everything with you on October 1st.

My 91st recipe is “Middleton Medley” and not surprisingly there is potato involved..

The potato nests came out really well. Pity there wasn’t something more exciting than sprouts to fill them with!

Middleton Medley

  • Put some seasoned mashed potato into a piping bag or mould, with a fork, into nests
  • Bake these in a hot oven for 20 minutes until browned
  • Leave to stiffen and cool down for a while
  • Fill with one of the following that has been seasoned..
  1. Diced cooked carrots and turnips with a sprinkling of finely shopped parsley
  2. Small cooked sprouts sprinkled with finely grated cheese or ground mixed nuts. Substitute spinach when in season..