Quiet for a few days

Brave smiles from my Hobbits xxxxx

We’ve had quite the week as a family. It’s been worrying for us but we now have a way forward and it’s this we’ll be working towards, quite ardently, over the next week or two…

Not quite such a brave smile from me! LOL!!

As there is LOTS of paperwork involved that is extremely timely, the blog maybe a little quiet for the next week or so, however, I’ve several new wartime recipes to go up so watch out for those popping up.

And although I haven’t had time to respond to all the lovely comments and notes of support, I will, as these have meant such a lot to keep my chin up in all aspects of my life..

A very special shout out to Marie Kettle, who has stood by us and helped us, for free, in a humanitarian capacity. We have been very grateful for her guidance and for her being there literally to hold our hands.

AND my dear friend Matthew Guy who took a day off work from Acadia University to drive us to our meetings and interviews and be a support for us all day…

Thank you 🙂

C xxxxxxxxxxx