Pounds and Pirates

An absolutely hectic week and weekend! Let me start by saying that eventually, when I jumped on the scales Monday morning, I was down another 3 lbs (that makes 10 lbs in 3 weeks) and I am now exactly 300 lbs (bleh but less bleh than the blehs I’ve been feeling the least few weeks!). I am definitely on a roll, I am taking a proper course of natural multi-vitamins too and they are making me feel great!

Despite having car trouble and not making it to the Mahone Bay Pirate Festival until 5 pm (and consequently missing all the festivities), Em Hobbit and I did have fun putting together Pirate outfits out of secondhand clothing, dollar store trinkets and some imagination.
Going out in a skirt and indeed dressing as a Pirate and walking around like that in public made me feel a little nervous initially (even though I am pretty laid back and fairly outgoing, when you are big you always worry about your wobbly bits!) but actually in the end boosted my self confidence. It seems people don’t care what size you are as a Pirate- everyone wants to talk to you!  The entertainer on the microphone, in the buskers tent shouted out  “ARRRRRR, I see some more lovely wenches”, when Em and I walked by…. I know it’s all banter but it made me feel like I wasn’t such a blob after all!!!!
The very next day I wore my homemade Pirate outfit again. This time I manned the Visitors Centre during the tours of Nova Scotia’s very own treasure Island…. Oak Island itself! I am a founding director, along with some other great volunteers for the Friends of Oak Island Society and I love being involved with the history and the mystery of this place, even though finding time to help out as much as I’d really like, can be difficult working full time and with three Hobbits at home.
Recently we had a private tour for Freemasons, Knights Templar and DeMolay. It was the largest contingent of Freemasons ever to be on the island and it was a joy to see many wearing their regalia….exciting times! There is an interesting article in my employers newspaper this week!
Feeling so positive, despite some very sad circumstances in our lives at the moment, really makes me want to strive to keep going, keep losing the weight, only put good food in my mouth and the 1940s ration diet is an excellent way of avoiding a diet full of salt & chemical laden processed foods.
And now I have the taste for dressing up- watch this space!
I think I may experiment with some 1940s clothes, put on my best BBC voice and do some recipes for YouTube…. what a LARF that would be!!!!!!
Tee Hee!!!!
C xxxxxxxxxxxxxx