From blog to book deal- part 2

As I type, the signed author agreement with the literary agency is finding it’s way to New York

I’ve been working on the proposal. This is what the literary agent sends out to publishers in the hope that one will bite… and offer that prized book deal.

When I say working on the proposal, I had been, until my latest life circumstances took over my thought process. Unfortunately dealing with current domestic issues has to take priority at this moment in time. I’m TERRIBLY excited though, knicker wettingly excited about the whole damn thing. OK so my book won’t have sex in it, or I won’t be whipping my cream into submission (or maybe I will??) BUT there will be food porn for sure…

I have this huge plan formulated for the book. It’s not just a wartime recipe book you see.  It’s a platform to talk about the whole reason for undertaking this experiment and the big problems we are facing today, obesity, economics, environmental issues, sustainability. In addition I’m thinking as well a good dose of nostalgia and of course the very personal weight loss diary I’ve been keeping…I’m REALLY excited that a professional food chef, writer and photographer (she’s done Betty Crocker – not literally but you know what I mean) is going to re-create my favourite WW2 recipes and make the smell of the food waft from the page. Tonight I am sending her a list of 5-10 recipes for the book proposal.


At this moment in time I wish I could take a month, without any distractions, to finish this proposal. You only get one shot and I do so want to show any potential publishers that there is a market for the 1940s Experiment. Luckily I have an obsession with social media and website traffic statistics and every book proposal now, especially for non-fiction in a niche market, needs to be backed up with proof that people ARE interested in the subject matter and there is already an established platform to promote the book when it hits the stores.

I’ve always said to my children and anyone who will listen, if you have a passion and you need a voice, take up blogging. It teaches you to commit to writing regularly and teaches you perseverance.  Anyone who has started a blog and it has fallen by the wayside, will know how difficult it is to write on a regular basis. I’ve been blogging for years prolifically because I can’t keep quiet … I feel this a good start, good training!

I’m just so excited about having this opportunity to try at least.

One must NEVER give up, if you fall down, dust yourself and get right up again!

C xxxxx