Victory garden update and the secret room under the hole in the floor


I’ve been busy here, have lots of recipes to put up starting tomorrow morning when I wake up early and the house is quiet and peaceful. I’ve harvested apples and elderberries and have enough for some pies and preserves. Not many but it’s a start.

Today I had help clearing the overgrown back end of the garden so I can start preparing the ground for a ‘Victory Garden’  in 2014.  Alas the ground is filled with old bricks and debris and now I have hundreds of angry wasps hovering over their disturbed homes but now I have a base to work on and see what I can do.



Another interesting but scary find today was the discovery of a room underneath the house that I found by thrusting my arm down a dark hole and taking a photo. My house dates back to 1780 so inevitably there are going to be strange workings but a room 10ft underground? I am thinking it must have been some sort of an old cellar originally which has had different uses over the years. At some stage the entrance was built over and now there is no way to get to it except by dangling down a dark hole in the floor in my mud room and dropping to the debris covered old stone steps.


Curiosity is getting the better of me and if there is some way to get down there, maybe a ladder or a rope, enough courage has to be found to investigate with a torch and an axe (just incase)… I need to know!


Finally- as if all the excitement above wasn’t enough, today I received this rather wonderful gift from the 1940s UK Radio Station.  I’ll explain more soon but I am looking forward to being very creative over the coming weeks to create an extension of my blog for radio. I have a lot to learn using some open source software called ‘Audacity’ but am at a perfect time in my life now to take this on…. I can’t wait!!!

C xxxxxxx